June 2010, like May …

is probably going to be a slow month for me, blogging wise.


A few relatively short multimedia type videos to rush our for the Malaysian AIDS Foundation and Malaysian AIDS Council. Terribly uninspiring. 
Yup, this is coming from someone who has spent weeks looking at scholarships and fellowships for film and/or documentary study in London, New York, Reykjavik, and even Istanbul. I mean why not Istanbul when I so wanna be reborn Nuri Bilge Ceylan??? Plenty wrong with Reykjavik though. If I didn’t survive the thought of Moscow’s winter … ha! Iceland … sure… 
But anyways, there was plenty wrong with the scholarship/fellowship funds allocated to one, that makes me wonder what has happened to me between college to being a Banker?

I guess the answer is best explained by the utility once attained from a self-made pinhole camera and that of aspiring to own a Seitz 6×17 Digital today. Yes, it’s close to 30-thousand Euro a pop, so the saving grace is its 4.5 kilos weight! … which Dear Seitz, this by definition cannot be “a faithful companion for all photographic journeys” as suggested in your lovely brochure.


This is my last few weeks to nail outstanding work related projects for 2010. 
Too boring to go into details. 
Probably not wise either.
So, we’ll leave it as it is.

{irritatingly} the 3rd reason

6 self assessment and some pre-programme materials to cover before I am shipped off to business /leadership “school”. Oh yeah, the former is a bore. The latter is a chore. See, when it comes to self assessments, I am seriously one odd ball who has extremely high levels of self awareness (bordering self doubt and insecurity) and I am also oddly consistent … so, really there is no need to have 200×6 questions to ‘catch’ me.
I bet my 360 degree feedback will be a real bore as well.
Zilt fun. No ‘god! I can’t wait to see this self-inflated whale sized ego female chauvinist,’ thoughts for my personal coach whom I have mixed feelings and apprehension meeting.

But how bad can it be really?
This is just me. A little wacko. Plenty moody. Fueled by neurofen, vicodin and caffeine.
Occasional overdose on laxatives and hydrolites!

(and) Furthermore

I am resisting the urge to un-do the travel arrangements and reschedule, re-route …et cetera.

First, I guarantee you a cost reduction of 20-30%.

Secondly, I’ll get at least double frequent flyer points, double ‘earnings’ on frequent flyer miles and my hotel loyalty programme.

And lastly, more time in any particular surface which if bore deep enough gets me to the mantle, liquid outer core and solid inner core, and not some blardee fluffy cotton candy like water droplets.

Long story short, they don’t make secretaries like they used to (or was my needs simpler back then?)  

{interestingly} avoiding a stalker … 

I guess if I chose to wear my heart on my sleeves and air my secrets, bizarre thoughts and whatever else I might ‘talk’ about in public, stalker(s) is part of the deal.

Besides, Oreo (believe it, the ‘Oreo’ you see on my gChat status is a living organism that talks back way too much – verbiage on most occasions; other remaining time comprise of insults targeted at me) had just said that I am mad. Yes, M-A-D was typed out on gChat. 

So I suppose one has to be (Dr.) Theodore (John “Ted” Kaczynski)-the-Unabomber mad to wanna stalk me, if I am mad to begin with. But who knows? It has afterall been proven than an unassuming person named after furry adorable teddy bears is actually capable of blowing up universities and airlines … so, with that, and the disturbing thought that someone out there is reading every letter, studying every written nuance of mine and ‘showing up’ at and in the strangest manner from time to time … I’m slowing down a bit … I think. 
(everything written in this space will be way post-event for the moment)
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Special thanks to the Malaysian AIDS Council and Malaysian AIDS Foundation for the honourable mentioned in this year’s Annual Report on my contribution and support over the years such as the PLHIV Project {details here},  IAMD, WADet cetera.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

6 thoughts on “June 2010, like May …

  1. Thanks Mary!Chin – most NGOs have websites with contact details there. Do write in and offer just about what you can manage and you'd be surprise with how much you are capable of giving and how much it can change someone else's world. However, patience is a virtue you have to have and in time you'd see the fruits. Thanks!Phil – yeah but all 2 or 3 years course.

  2. You are over qualified. How much schooling does a girl need anyways?By the way, check out some local colleges that may offer film studies.

  3. Thanks for sharing your details of your voluntary work. Very inspirational and commendable that you have the time and energy despite a hectic job.Well deserve mentioned in Malaysian AIDS Council I am sure. How long have you been doing this? Also what's involved and how can someone volunteer?Thank you,Chin

  4. uh lala, returning to 'studies' huh? btw, i bought a DSLR finally…lol. wanna sms u the other nite, but nola…people "in the board of director's meeting" …lol lol.

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