proud of myself despite …

… sitting here in this strange bar paying for wifi to delete the earlier blog.
… receiving the news after having literally melted in the midday sun earlier during the Pitwalk session in the Sepang F1 Circuit.

Normally I would have blown up. With the sun, splitting headache and all the work and off-work demands over the past few weeks … oh yeah! customarily I would have blown up in either way (1a) answer back! and this means getting super eloquent in my argument in an even tone, (1b) said something in a harsh tone  that does not exceed 5 words and hang up. With the second (i.e. (1b)), damn! I missed those good ol’ days when we had telephones sitting on a cradle. Ya know’ the ones where we can slam down and feel absolutely satisfied and proud for a few brief moments, before guilt and remorse kicks in hard. Or (2) just ignore.
Anyways, I am proud to say I maintained my composure when I received the series of emails DEMANDING EXPLANATION for publishing some photos in the earlier blog in the presence of other people that mattered to me in a small glass encapsulated enclosure with a panoramic view of well… tarmac.

First, a DEMAND was totally pushing it off limits. Hence, I refuse to concede.

Second, I gave credit where due (as always), the rest is solely my opinion (as always has been clearly stated) and really, it’s a free world and here’s what I have to say, “your idea of Mahathir-style-censorship is that of yesteryear in the face of borderless communication.”

Lastly and that of explanation: it is NOT (I repeat N-O-T) exclusive or private if it has been published all over the place in the first place and anyone could have ripped it off those sites… but I guess everyone had reasoned that it was of no commercial value or worthy of ripping.

Oh, for the record:

I DID NOT STEAL and/or PLAGIARIZE anyone’s text or photos 
… just to clear the air for those who missed the earlier blog.

And since I am paying loads of money just to blardee log onto the internet to remove the earlier blog (this is me being obliging and kind, and nothing to do with being prosecuted or being in the wrong) … I am saying my piece of mind.

So there … said it.

Now, I’m off for a nice sundae to cool down … it’s been a HOT day. Cheerio




7 thoughts on “proud of myself despite …

  1. kc – chill man.not your fault. no one's ok… even they can't give a solid reason why have to remove … but let it be lah. i reckon my roaming is far too expensive for this.catch up soon!

  2. a certain structure would have been 'off work demands'.a certain beautiful structure would have been 'leisure time'.i LOVE it by the way – exterior especially, but given my mom runs a curio shop as your friend puts it and wants frilly lacey greek/italian old ladies curtains … man, can u just imagine the combi with that oversized balinese water feature???gawd! gawd! gawd! i wasn't referring to the fast car racing dear … u have been out of touch! buried under tonnes of work.i got some girlie shots but they are all flat chested lah…oh yeah – u have rights to those structural photos but once u are done with the publicity etc i may blog much much much later when my photoblog gets to the point of architectural photos. :)

  3. was the outing to document a certain structure over the weekend part of your 'off-work demands'??? LOL LOL. anyway, u really dont need to refer to any fastcar racings without posting any shots of sexy bikini track girls ok? "must see flesh wan…ok?" LOL.oh, btw, i now deem that MY photographer has given me permission…lol.

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