Work Diary | Day 1: Love Airports. Blood Infection? REAL food


Airport lounges.
Gawd – this sounds insane, but I LOVE AIRPORTS!!!

Especially the gloomy grey colour scheme ones with lots of glass and steel. The only exception to that ‘Penelope Airport Pre-requisite Selection’ is Schiphol. But yeah, pretty gloomy all the same with all imaginable shades of grey there can be on Pantone’s palette. The clincher lies in the finishing – mosaic (not my thing usually, but these were done very well and pushed all conventions of mosaic), metal sheeting, paint and bare finish. The blots of aubergine patches works for me too. 

But the grey today is really getting to me. I wonder if it’s my outfit. hmmm…
If I hold absolutely still, I bland in. Yup, my one and only trademark colour black with a dash of grey. Hey, at least I am always ready for a funeral and nothing can be more inappropriate than showing up in bright fuchsia, red or even vermilion for funerals.

Anyways, back to grey airport lounges.

I feel like a lounge lizard today and honestly, as much as I dread lounge lizards, I would want to stay that way.
Just today. 

My bones weigh a tonne.
My eye sockets are burning.
My brain feels as if its in between a pipe wrench.

You think it’s blood poisoning?
{ok. That sounds morbid, but that is exactly what morbid me says}
My left arm where they extracted blood from on Thursday is now a myriad of psychedelic airbrushed look of graffiti in purple-red-green set against a somber greyish patch. The grey patch seems to be growing by day as well, and suddenly Nikki’s comment of me being lucky to have a free “tattoo” thrown in is not so amusing any more. 
{all the same, light fluttery fly kisses to Nikki!}
The vein running alongside is extremely pronounced as well, putting all giant-worms in worm farms scattered all over rural Australia to shame, which incidentally, how/when did viewing gross ginormous worms became a tourist attraction? 
Worms aside, I think its a combination of heat stroke and anxiety.
Lucky for the one kick-arse god looking grease monkey at the pit/paddock, I’ll live with the heat stroke. Common’ GT Queens cannot possibly get me excited or envious! But grease monkeys, fast cars … gelled up hair (provided done right) ummmmm hmmmmmmm…
And all this distills down to:
can you imagine my yet to meet in <24 hours Personal Coach reading my thoughts? words? action? for 60 straight hours?
Freddy Krueger is child’s play!
Yes, believe it, I am scared shit! No better expression to use, though that’s one nonsensical expression. Time to look for food. Organic soya and soup is not cutting it. I feel like I need REAL food.



8 thoughts on “Work Diary | Day 1: Love Airports. Blood Infection? REAL food

  1. u know….it's strange in this world, because, some people look up to those who complaint (a lot) u know? i dont know why, so, maybe u should employ that strategy……LOL.

  2. sleep under those raw unfinished concrete high ceiling. lol.i took a break from work and watched travel/living channel the otehr day, so….i wonder u asked for "free range chicken" instead…lol.

  3. for u, i will take a flight to paris to sleep in the airport. any particular spot?lolthe circular tunnel works for me.the pyramidal ceiling … naw … too much IM Pei no? but i get watcha mean about the spiritual bit … its the sheer size of the glass and steel suspended above.

  4. skip-pole is cool and its proximity to the Dam is so cool. i like it too, altho for a few times, i never really get to explore extensively due to mood and time. but de gaulle(for the umphteenth time) was jus so spiritual, i overnite there….lol. (more like cant afford another nite's accomodation actually…lol)

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