the morning after


12 hours on my own. Yes, that is 12 hours upon re-entering the ‘real’ world and I snapped right back to square one. Doing the typical Penelope as a monster extreme.
There goes 5 days of hard work. All it took was two little sms followed by a phone call that went like this …
me: ‘It all voices down to poor organisation skills,’ I said in a patronising manner.
she: ‘Oh Penny. You’d never get it. We have kids. Our lives are uncertain. You are single.’

I hung up. I always hang up. I must stop this.
But how condescending is that remark?
Sure, you could look at it as an explanation.

But no. Penelope chooses to react in her typical fashion as she always does, making up stories as she goes along. The ‘Side Line Syndrome’ as they have thought us recently.


Now, I’ve to re-work everything that has been undone in a few seconds.

Maybe even God is trying to help me out by giving me a really nasty cold. So nasty that I can hardly speak without resigning into a heaving cough enough to shake earth apart.
But the thing is this.
I am going off for a few weeks in a few weeks time. Its a long stretch and understably it has created some talk and attracted some busybodies in the form of line of questioning that goes like this:
‘why so long?’
‘where are you going?’
‘what’s happening?’

My standard reply?

‘Why? I am getting married.’

The problem is 7 out of 10 people laugh off my respond in my face; 3 out of 10 people retorts with a sarcastic, “yeah, rite!”

I can’t get married?
I mean common’.

Frankly, I don’t know if I should be insulted. Or not.
I am indifferent emotional wise.

However, mentally I am curious and I am challenging everyone with the ‘why not?’


Makes me think about the nicknames I have probably earned. And as suggested by my personal coach who has been in the same boat they range from ‘Spinster’ to ‘Iron Lady’ … errr… you think ‘Iron Lady’ will get Robert Downey Jnr (Iron Man)?

Not a bad deal!


6 thoughts on “the morning after

  1. Serious? It takes a lot of balls man to be betrothed to you. Princess you are way too free spirited, smart, sharp, witty, fun, caring. You are just too big a person to be matched. That's why it takes so many of us to love you. lolJoking ok!But seriously why would you want to? We need to have some chai and chat time man. When is that char bor coming back? Any idea where he's strutting his stuff now?

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