promising week! whoooHOOOOO …

promising is this week’s theme.
Besides the fact that EPSON Photo Fine P-2000 died-ed and I am unable to find a decent replacement under RM800 … well, what’s available is 3 times my psychological barrier for an on-the-go-portable hard drive that sucks photos from my CF cards. Obviously I did not buy the EPSON Photo Fine P-2000. It was a long-term loan (read: as good as mine to keep forEVER) from the ex- when he was already the ex- … hey, I have ‘personal power’ ok!
Speaking of which, it’s also plausible that the ex- had died-ed given his total disappearance from any communicable / visible platform both on earth and in cyber place. For the record, I am not being mean. It’s factual. Its plausible given his various health complications.
But those aside, it’s a promising week.
Yesterday. Well, not literally yesterday as I do not post things in ‘real’ time any more. 
Read HERE for why.
But… anyways, as I was saying, yesterday was a fruitful to the ‘T’. 
I don’t understand this “to the ‘T'” expression or know how to necessarily express it, but I thought its a nice addition in my life this week as my boss actually wrote that very expression in my mid-year appraisal(!) which I thought was: kewl! Talk about being young at heart.
back to yesterday! {gawd focus Penelope. FOCUS}
Over lunch we made our way to Low Yat – yes the geeks heaven on earth which is no longer akin to a “Mongolian restaurant” to me (ok, ok READ here to know what the gibberish I am going on about).
Stuffed my face with preserved duck noodle; burnt my tongue at the first sip of the broth, hence unable to critic on taste. The price tag though did seem suddenly steep as soon as I ‘acquired’ the dysfunctional and bruise tongue.
Bought a card reader. 
EPSON Photo Fine P-2000 died-ed remember? 
And am too cheap to buy a replacement. So when a card reader is only 1.56% of the price of the EPSON Photo Fine P-2000 … it’s a no brainer choice.
Browsed for those box-gizmo that works magic to free movie downloads when plucked into excessively expensive television sets … 
Excuse me, but I am Chinese. I MUST work on the mechanics and economic logic here. 
Hunt down EPSON Photo Fine P-2000 cheaper cousins. 
mr. wolverine was top of the list, purely because mr. wolverine had once been of great service to me.
Bought 12 bigAPPLE donuts
On a sider, there’s nothing big about those over-priced donuts. 
There’s absolute no apples in any of the donuts. 
And the donuts in itself is questionable especially with those that has a sushi identity crisis.
And all of these were accomplished in 1-hour-18-minutes during Kuala Lumpur’s golden triangle midday lunch time peak traffic!
didn’t I say it’s a promising week?
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Then, as if the above were not amazing accomplishments in itself that’s self gratifying for at least 2 weeks, my Oreo called.
Given that Oreos – i.e. the original cookie – made its way into the American households in the 1950s, and Americans in the 1950s were a crazy bunch with boundless fascination, and a touch of misplaced longing, for carnage, global disaster, galactic dome and any possible way that leads to demise in massive proportions, my Oreo is a bit …errr… well, politely, he’s slightly off cue with bits of awkwardness slipping through every now and then, as one would expect to deal with the real Oreo cookies crumbs doing the same at the most improper situation. 
So naturally to deal with my Oreo, one has to be perky and quick. Sharp. Comebacks that will blow any Oreo attacks to bits … and one needs to be ever ready as my Oreo attack customarily make its way right after “Hello.How.Are.You?” all said in a breath without a pause. 
my Oreo’s attack this week:
“what a stupid status you have on Facebook?”
ah-ha! Long distance phone call and he makes a judgment on my lack of intellectual capacity, yes, right after “Hello.How.Are.You?” all said in a breath without a pause + without waiting for a reply.
my sling SHOT!:
“well, you have to be stupid-er to read, retain and bring it up over a long distance phone call and after you’ve not called for over a month.” 
{with a visual :p added}
<snigger> His snigger. Not mine.
His snigger is affirmation that I, Penelope have WON the Oreo Word-Battle-llica yet again. 
And that’s how it is with Orea and I. Two very silly idiots. 
But the fact is, his tough cookie act just doesn’t hold for long, coz all Oreo’s need the squishy cream… and I am his cream. 
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


HIT. yes, HIT, hit-back! whooo hHHOOOOOOOO … it is a promising week.
With all that’s happening in his life, it takes a lot to hit-back! But I do know that he’s cracking under the tough exterior with :
  • active imaginations of annihilating mr.35blogs (read HERE to get mr.35blogs), 
  • sending me original copies of pricey software, and 
  • exchanging secret codes: (his line:) “D700.24.70.SB900.” (my respond:)“2,00,000.2nano.”
 … and rather quickly it goes all down hill… back to reality: 
work deadlines . GMATs . INSEAD . chemotherapy . mortgages . mr.35blogs … and the whole works
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Despite some derailment on my part on sticking to my action plans and the nagging thought of disappointing my personal coach … I must be progressing well.
  • I survived nearly a week without being fluttered by Misty.Starfish.Woody. (3 idiots in my life)
  • It’s been two weeks since mr. Peppy (my peptic ulcer) demands undivided attention from me.
  • EUROs changed without incident. And @ awesome FX rates if I may add. 

A few more details, errands and holding the ‘fort’ for 2 weeks … and that is it! yes, just 2 more weeks. And with the fact that it’s a promising week, it’ll be easy-peasy.



2 thoughts on “promising week! whoooHOOOOO …

  1. phil. pessimistic as ever.week progressed as crap:1- the flu is back and better (as in more leathal).2- I have spent the last 4 hours trying to get a guarantee letter from the insurers to see doctor – would be certified dead by the time i get letter and go to the doctor.3- mr. Peppy is acting up – hence the need for 2-4- i have 2 regulators (Malaysian and Saudi) breathing down my neck and not telling me where i've not complied5- i've got one staff down with H1N1, another highly suspect, and 1 on compassionate leave – dad passed on6- 2 staff MIA – girls! what has girls got to do with the FIFA Bola fever?!??can you blame me for being a pessimist? it's designed that way. definitely not a chosen path.:)how's you anyways?

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