I should be so lucky really …

I make no apologies for the fact that stupidity repels me.
So when faced with an onslaught of stupid statements while I am mentally, emotionally and physically breaking down, the Heavenly Ones must have been right to ‘rob’ me of my voice to enable me to retain whatever poise and dignity I may have left by not chewing off heads of innocent blabber mouths.

Ever been in a situation where your car breaks down after a long tiring day at work, late at night, on a lonely stretch of highway and the ever odd car that pulls by out of curiosity and to jot down your registration number for 4D, da ma cai and whatever not, asks you this:

“ah moi, ada chek petrol ta da? ini mesti tak da petrol,”

then drives off shaking his head and chuckling away, probably murmuring about another stupid woman driver.

Anyways, back to the main point, I was recently on the receiving end of an onslaught of stupid line of questions, to which none I could reply.
See, I finally thought enough is enough, with regards to mr. flu bug and took matters into my own hands; getting to the bug busters at the hospital.

It’s really really a stupid idea to drive yourself to the hospital when your head feels as if its cavity is filled with helium; your chest feels as if its submerged in water and your eye sockets are licking with flames.
<thud> … and my world collapsed!
I dash-ed out of my driver’s seat, sunk onto the tarmac at the front of my bumper and cradled bits of my “baby” in my hands letting out a shriek followed by streams of tears.

What followed next was a blur daze.
But I somehow had concierge parking and was in the Accident & Emergency (A&E) Unit. Fuss. Lots of fuss and chaos. The world was whirling out of control… but hang on, it had nothing to do with me , the state I was in or what to administer. Everything was about hospital administration, focused on who’s gonna foot the bill?

I find myself numbly producing one medical insurance card after another.
Impossible! I have unlimited cover for that one.
And for the other, which I have been awfully proud of, has Premium VIP Global cover.

I was told a mumbo jumbo of insurance jargon, of which I vaguely familiar as I have an insurance license (purely to get rebates on my own policies) and I renew the Bank’s health care policies … however, I was in no condition to argue. 

Intellectually I have been reduced to a lump of mashed potatoes by 4 doses of antibiotics back-to-back.

Emotionally I am wrecked and all I could think of is dying since “baby” is injured (as impossible as this notion might sound).

Physically all that came out from my mouth was a series of heaving cough that leaves me clutching on my sore abdominal muscles ….

Finally, I yanked out my handmade notebook (gosh I love them second to none) and started listing my needs and handed over my credit card. 
Hey presto! 
Things clicked and finally it’s about me; the ill, the dying and not who’s gonna foot the bill?

Oh no – no.
I am pissed.
See, I am not H1N1+ and having anticipated this circus unfolding itself, I had brought the test results as proof and to put the argument of “insurance companies do not cover epidemics” at rest. I had learned this the hard way, visiting 3 general practitioners who refused to administer even the simple blardee nose swab simply because the insurance does not cover for preventive medicine and epidemics.

It is immaterial that:
  • I have had flu for more than 3 weeks.
  • I’ve had seen doctors and none of the medications (of which prescriptions I brought along as references) worked.
  • I’ve a colleague who sits behind me that purportedly was diagnosed H1N1 and subsequently underwent self-imposed quarantine.
‘purported’ because he seems to be a hypochondriac and no one has seen the H1N1 positive results … 
all of my personal opinion was of course omitted during the medical history compilation time.

What angers me is that the right to receiving health care is now dictated by some corporate and not as deem right by doctors who are not only trained for it but took the Hippocratic Oath.

Why couldn’t medical practitioners offered patients with the options of health care availability and cost, rather than outright assuming patients are incapable of deciding or have the ability to pay for some ‘optional’ tests and medication?

But then of course, doctors and hospitals in private practice are all limp puppets at the end of the strings operated by insurers and pharmaceuticals. They seek protection and medical negligence liability from insurers. The get paid dispensing simple procedures and drugs. And we? Well, we pay millions per annum for a security net that proves to be no more than barb wires breaking out fall to the ground; hurting and scaring us at our most vulnerable moment.

Set against this backdrop, strap down to the bed and soaking the sheets with my momentary convulsions and endless cold dripping sweat, I was repeatedly bombarded with 4 questions:

about pro-longed flu:
“you didn’t ‘pinish’ your antibiotics ah?”
{my Ally McBeal imaginary answer: 
No IDIOT! I didn’t. I just wanted to test the truth behind it, and guess what? I relish the idea of death!!!}

about my ‘baby’s accident
“you didn’t see the Myvi?”
{my Ally McBeal imaginary answer: 
Sure I saw it. I was waiting, lurking at the corner in fact and waiting for it … then, went straight for it! That’s how accidents happens all the time.}

about the absence of a General Practitioner Referral Letter and Insurance Guarantee Letter
“why you didn’t go see a GP for referral letter or Guarantee Letter? Why ah?”
{my Ally McBeal imaginary answer:  
It wouldn’t be called ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY then, would it?}

about being hospitalised
“why are you hospitalized ah?”
{my Ally McBeal imaginary answer:
Because I didn’t pay my lease and thought this is a good place to crash out for a few days?}

I should be so lucky really … the last audible thing {wheezing and cough aside} I produced that day was the shriek.

At moments like this I so wanna be The Thunderbolt Kid and vaporized every living idiot.


7 thoughts on “I should be so lucky really …

  1. i hv nothing to say + i dunno whether i should type 'lol' altho i wont really mean the 'lol'. anyway, u want anything from chiangmai/chiangrai? do u want a red shirt? i m trying to get hold of 1, if they still…..sell..lol.

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