efficient or irrelevant


It’s 09:42 am.
I’ve got roughly 18 minutes before I am officially tuned in for work.
Once you’ve made it here for ‘x’ number of years and done well, you sort of earn the stripes to be given some odd eccentric privileges. Mine would be:
!!! WARNING !!!
And that’s when any humanly possible interaction CAN starts at work. Nothing before.
So what happens before that? you asked.
I only look at the arrangements of alphabets presented by pixels and transmitted through space via what we call the world wide web. The email.
Then, a glance at  my scheduler for the day, which generally used to get me into a whirlwind of “grrrrrrrrrrrrr…” and “aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhh“.
We spend a disproportionate amount of time sitting in meeting, telecons, et cetera
We spend more time getting those organised and waiting …
We spend the time of being actually there :
(a) wondering why your involvement is needed when you are not at all involved – just physically there,
(b) you are unable to get involved as you have been ill prepared or have not been told of the agenda to be able to come prepared,
(c) you question why is it even remotely important or of your concern that (a) and (b) applies to everyone other than the chair person.
I’ve been meaning to put my thoughts down on some intellectual matters in this space (the blog duh!) for the last few days.
Ahem, yes intellectual matter on my two cents worth about the mosque and Islamic centre 2 blocks away from Ground Zero that has attracted much discourse and print space.
It’s budget time at the Bank.
It’s a few days before I drive (stick shift on the other side of the road) through acres and acres of vineyards, only to be followed by me sinking my teeth into some succulent lamb cooked in an up-side-down cone shaped earthen ware with almonds, raisins and peculiar smelling and discoloured lime.
It’s hair-pulling, mind-boggling, why does it cost so much??? travel research for yet another photographic sojourn I’m possibly embarking year end. It’s a place pockmarked by 52 out of 56 ethnic minority groups in the entire country. It has 2 UNESCO world heritage claims within its province/prefecture/state/what-eva-it-is called. But none of this is of any relevance … obviously … judging by the lack of information available on the Internet. A google search will derive results that it shot to fame due to a cover story in TIME magazine in the 1990s for SEX, DRUGS and DICE – sweet!

And no, my main intent is neither the ethnic minority people (though I won’t miss the opportunity to press the shutter button) nor is it the SEX, DRUGS and DICE.

It’s about a specific road that runs through it and connects to another country that is steep with historical relevance; which frankly I believe would look like any road in that part of the world in my 35mm frame and cost a fraction to travel.

So anyways, back to the main 2 points I was attempting to make. I’ve got 8 minutes left on the clock for this blog.
FIRSTLY – with regards to mosque-Islamic centre-ground zero
Words that comes to mind: RIGHTS yes, but WISDOM first.
More importantly, projecting itself as the Big Brother of the world, it should lead by building a multi-religious centre, embracing and paying homage to all religion, culture, ethnicity and nationality that perish there.
SECONDLY – pre-10am and email
Once it took me hours to rid them and resolute discipline that’s enough to scare Darius (the Great of Persia, son of Hystaspes) away, of clearing my email INBOX thrice a day of hundreds of email received per day.
I have a healthy email INBOX of less than 40 per day.
can’t help wondering if I have achieved a state of efficiency or irrelevance!

6 thoughts on “efficient or irrelevant

  1. Sorry I missed this post but come to think of it I am not so sorry reading about some other adrenalin pumping type of photo assignment you're going to. What a life for a banker, eh? And we poor guys only get good paying assignments photographing Bankers!!!! and C-suite folks. boringSo, where you up to babe?Keep well and let us sorry guys know lah.

  2. I'd like to be irrelevant too. Can you kindly share your strategy/tips?Anyways I am impressed with your ability to check emails only in the mornings and evenings. I can't help replying them as they come in.Ben

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