Travel Diary: i’m off …

At the mentioned that I’ve got 18 hours left before I fly off, immediately every single person at work responses with 2 syllabus:
Can’t blame them. Not with Delhi fast becoming my 3rd home … and a preferred home away from home when the tough gets going … maybe its the place. Maybe its the ‘home’ (which isn’t very home-ly given that the maid has been shoved out of the door and currently the estate is being managed by a chauffeur-cum-butler-cum-friend to the boys) since I’m not the only one apparently ‘jumps’ onto a plane and ta-da “I’m ‘HOME'” 5 hours later.
For me, it’s Lodi Gardens … the dogs mostly, rolling in the grass and catching Frisbee.
OK. This sounds very much unlike an Indian suburb in your mind … but what can I say? We’ve got mr. Airtel – whom HIT-man chicken-ed and pulled out of his very own diabolical imagination of hitting mr. Airtel for crap connectivity in Noida when we stopped the car at mr. Airtel’s high wrought iron gates – and I literally sleep on top of an ex-Indian parliamentary member when I am there.
Home @ Prithviraj Road, New Delhi 
Which reminds me, shucks!
I am yet to call Mr. Bunty to arrange for my camel in November.
no no no. mr. Airtel and mr. Minister has no connection with Mr. Bunty.
And yes, a Mr. Bunty exists and he came highly recommended by a friend who has since left Mumbai (not Delhi) to be an extra on “Two Guys, A Girl and the Pizza Place”.  
nah, I’m kidding. About the extra.
For one “Two Guys, A Girl and the Pizza Place” is history. Not to mention it was an utter waste of my hopeful youth, hoping the girl and the two guys would end up in some twisted triangle love affair but not! Irretrievable loss when the architect ended up being a fireman! I mean, seriously, WTH??? (given my obsession with architects!)
But he (my friend, not the architect) is in Fletcher now – the serious school of management of Tufts University – which was the setting of “Two Guys, A Girl and the Pizza Place” – fyi. Anyways, just to clear the air, he’s in Fletcher primarily because he doesn’t give two hoots about Law or Diplomacy. And this is a fact, one which I have witness in person.
Mr. Bunty though, I was reassured observed both Law and Diplomacy and I could be trusted with Bunty on a clear starry night in the middle of a dessert with a smelly and grouchy camel as company. Funny. I’m looking forward to smelly and grouchy, not Bunty whom I somehow imagine has a curled up moustache.
{hey! It’s my life. I am allowed bizarre imaginations!}
In any case, it just occurred to me that I can’t hook up with Bunty (yet).
Not until the schedule for November/December is clearer. And at the moment it’s sways like a pendulum with other curious forces pulling it, ranging from his Iran, possibly China or Myanmar, and my Jordan, Morocco, Bali and some other less ‘exotic’ and exotic destinations.

Point is: I feel helpless and hopeless.

Hate it! Hate it! Hate it! when this happens. When some darn authority is in control.
Though not in control over me, nevertheless it is still terribly annoying as it affects the geographical and political borders I can/am supposed to cross with others.

Due to this sudden surge of immigration-cum-national security issues, I am so grateful and proud to be Malaysian. Regardless of what my travel partner has to trash about Malaysia; a rehash of the western media (one of which he works for), point is in reality I am proud of being Malaysian. Proud to be part of a stable, united, tolerant melting pot of a multi-culture, multi-ethnicity, multi-religion society.

Point is, I could go on and on with the sudden renewed sense of patriotism as we approach our 53rd birthday as a nation. But for now, all I’ll say is: WE, MALAYSIANS HAVE DIPLOMACY! and we’ve embraced and extended the same ingrown unique diplomacy we have to all other nations in the world … and get this silly – I can have just about any VISA easily!

Likewise for the first time since the “2008/2009 Bankers’-Greed Syndrome” that plague the financial world, I am proud to say: “I am a Banker. “
… especially when I’ve always thought it was so darn cool to be a Journalist or a Diplomat. 

so… my dear travel partner to be (or maybe not) ha! ha! see who’s having the final laugh

so HIT-man, November + camel + starry nights might probably work out at this rate … but in the meantime regards and prayers for momma – hope she’s better and all the best with INSEAD.

As for the rest of the world, I’d try to write/blog.
For all Malaysians out there – MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!
Rejoice by crunching and munching on Oreos! {wink} … this is vengeance for running down my real HOME.

8 thoughts on “Travel Diary: i’m off …

  1. Current coordinate as in NOW NOW: 51°37′57″N 0°07′41″WOff again on Saturday. Yawn. Souk and Targines… yummy … I am seriously getting fat. Just had a fancy dinner in a fancy place – duck leg confit and lemon meringue pie with mascoporne ice cream … yummy yummy yummy yum yumBeijing? Get me Uncle Mao's t-shirt man. This is a fair substitute to the RED shirt.By the way, lu mana? Malaysia? Thailand?

  2. architects getting involve with a love segitiga huh? lol. sighhhh. (somtimes,u r so right). dropby to say i m still around, also, u no more….ick meh? lol. mid sept, beijing….last minit.

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