Travel Diary: absolutely NO luck on New Bond Street


– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
just ONE simple RULE to abide
NO untoward remarks about:
what??!?!?? 2 of the same bags?

you may utter the remarks only if I am receiving some subsistence from you …
which, yup, I thought so.
Hence, shut up!
Afterall, are you blind?
They ARE different.
2 different colours.
The point is, I totally forgot I bought this design before …
and proceeded to buy the other.
This is the absolute truth.
Scout Girl Guide’s honour.
So, yeah, luckily 2 different colours.

Anyways, after having a proxy start some email ‘fights’ I brought both the bags to Swan House, Stafford Street (off New Bond Street) to hand them over to Gucci’s After Sales Department, who was supposed to access the damage, determine if it was manufacturer’s default (or my fault, thus ascertaining who picks up the tab), then send them over to Florence, Italy for servicing aka repairs.
The quote (which could not be provided over the email despite photo attachments – errr… not very canggih these British I tell ya) came up to £250 each, excluding postage and handling.
I gagged – to put it mildly, upon hearing it.
And blurted: “I might as well get a brand new bag”
Mario, being gay (and gorgeous – why must all good looking sensitive beings end up gay?), is a nightmare to argue with.
Firstly, he’s so cute. Ooh … I’ve said that. {blushing}
Secondly, he’s so very rationale and calm to the point of me having to restrain myself from agreeing with him; talking to the idiot voice in my head sternly and puzzling over the muscles that twitches my tongue and mouth into agreement with Mario.
Lastly, whilst I didn’t feel that the fault lies with me, and neither did he alleged it by cleverly praising the exterior and bamboo handles’ immaculate condition …ahem, short of praising me … I guess after close to 4 years, I can’t possibly storm in, throw a tantrum and haul treats at them, expecting Gucci to be accountable. Within a year, then yeah, one could say it was manufacturer’s default.
So whilst Mario did offer some lovely coffee and to escort me across the street to the boutique to pick another piece, having accepted my decision not to have them serviced due to the exorbitant cost and lengthy wait of 8 to 12 months, I declined politely …
I am staying away from lovely Gucci-s for the time being, although they happened to be my favourite and most of the bags in my bag wardrobe are Gucci-s.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The hunt for a particular model (slips my mind at the moment) started in Florence. We were ecstatic! But little did we realised that the model sold by the shop near Michelangelo’s “fake” (reproduction) David did not have the date. It was not until we were across the river on Michelangelo’s Peak, squinting our eyes from the setting sun that would not go down till 2 1/2 hours later – of which we gave up after 40 minutes, upon hitting eureka on two counts: ONE the sun will not set until well pass 8pm. TWO the watch did not have a date.
With that revelation or rather epiphany, we combed the street of Florence in search of the watch.
No luck. Out of stock.
‘Out of stock’ soon became the only reoccurring respond everywhere we went; Italy and England included. So finally, WT decides to go to the source: the Rolex boutique itself in New Bond Street. Alas!
No no no. Still no watch. Out of stock really, but a totally different answer:
near impossibility
uttered in thick Sicilian accent that sent a chill up my spine, that was at the same time alluringly sexy … leaving me in a daze strolling along New Bond Street wondering if his name was Mario {Puzo}.
Long story short something was changed in the watch – nothing amazing, definitely does not have an effect on the movement and nothing you could tell the difference, until and unless you are a Rolex connoisseur and collector. And with that supposedly “upgrade” the waiting list for that particular Rolex model started back in March and has since closed in July with a wait list estimated to be fulfilled after a year of waiting.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

By virtue of currency, it is cheap-ER and once the value added tax (VAT) is factored in … man! It’s a no brainer buy.
So thank GOD I am not a Louis Vuitton (LV) fan. I just can’t be inspired to buy any LV; primarily due to the fact that every single person carries the monogram, be it a tai tai to an ah sum in a pish posh neighbourhood to the red district and slums.
So thank GOD I have the only two models I think is ok … and that is all about I want.
In that sense I was ‘save’ to enter as many LV stores while WT looks for Thomas … which again seems to be out of stock!
Well as they say: plutonomy / plutocracy
{READ: The Wealth Report, WSJ blog citing Citibank’s Ajay Kapur who started the ball rolling HERE 
 my past rants about this topic HERE}
Louis Vuitton Boutique, New Bond Street, London
{don’tcha luuurve the ostrict in the window – just about the only thing I want from the boutique but (a) I doubt it’s for sale (b) I don’t happen to fall in the plutocracy classification – hence, doubt my pocket is deep enough for stuff toy ostritch that ‘resides’ in LV’s window (c) how the heck do you transport that???}

7 thoughts on “Travel Diary: absolutely NO luck on New Bond Street

  1. (silence silence silence silence silence silence silence silence silence silence silence silence silence silence silence silence silence silence silence silence)totally out of my league

  2. leather lah… itu dalam PVC – mana saya tahu?!? sheeeesh!and that's the inside-out of the bag BTW. The exterior (real, genuine leather) still very good condition.LV – so gay lei.We got a Thomas (model) in London – seriously gay – no?

  3. dunno why u wanan get that gucci…to me, a pvc zipper juz cant cant make it..lah. it must be brass at (aksyen kan?)btw, i aint, i not cute meh? but i like/adore LVs wor…

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