From Hell it is!


Photo © Penelope Gan – ONE-THIRD of the shipment from – All Rights Reserved


It’s beyond me why I bothered with the ‘Copyright’ and ‘All Rights Reserved’ for the photo above. I mean what commercial value could a photo of two books taken in some bedroom in some part of the world have, right?
Well, I guess I am not thinking straight.
For one, can Placido Domingo please hush up?
Yes, how did you guess I am no fan of this crooning Spanish tenor … ha ha … not funny.
And no, I am too polite to say anything.
On the first day when I woke up to it playing in the living room as I was making my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth and clean out my pores I had thought: wow! how cultured and smiled to myself visualising WT with his bowl of crunchy raspberry muesli with soya milk at the kitchen counter and Harrods Tea Blend No. 16 (only) reading the morning papers with Domingo in the background.

But today … Domingo is a total overdose.
His crooning sounds no different from a Dingo’s howl!

Nonetheless I should not be complaining since WT made lunch.
{I washed up ok}
And he’s given me the laptop to blog and process photos that has again, no commercial value, while he works away on the miserable net book.
Who the heck came up with those silly flimsy things?
The net book.
Not to mention unless you are a MAC, a 1 to 1.5 GB RAM is S-L-O-W.
I could NEVER, NEVER process my photos on those.
The net book. 
Again, no idea why I bother taking photos in RAW format when I have NEVER, NEVER processed them layer by layer or needed them in huge, HUGE mega pixels. The high resolutions jpegs seems to have kept those folks who wanted the photos happy enough. Well, they don’t pay for them anyways so … {visualise a not so polite sign language}
It’s my turn to be grouchy.
Partly its that time of the month.
Mostly because why in God’s name – though he is far from God, and more often than not can be cursed as the exact opposite; i.e. the mirror image of G-O-D – wasn’t I told “From Hell” is indeed from hell?
Not only does it cost £24.99
… it weighs one hellalot …
The latter really puts my packing in a conundrum.
So I seeked another friend’s help by requesting him to enquire if his brother could help take some of my stuff back from London to Kuala Lumpur in December. After all, I am buying not one but two Burberry Totes on his behalf, where he benefits from the low exchange rate of £1 = RM 4.80 plus 11% VAT claims, and subsequently has contributed to the packing conundrum. Expecting him to arrange it or at the lease message or call his brother, he replied nonchalantly that I should approach and plan my packing logistics on my own.
In the first place I am suddenly finding two arms inadequate to carry my luggage because I have additional four Burberry’s to carry back; none of which would have existed if I didn’t need to get the two Burberry Totes for him in the first place. I would NEVER, NEVER have walked into a Burberry Boutique (not my thing) and I would not have asked Val if she wanted any bags from there …
So there, I really want MORE arms. I need MORE arms.
God Kali would be good. Along with the destructive streak and ability.
I sure need them to annihilate some people, whom consider themselves friends! Well, even if the destruction is done mystically.
Anyways, I suspect he moonlights as a designer bag seller, which come to think of it, the Louis Vuitton Neverful GM he sold is more expensive compared to if I had gotten on New Bond Street – sigh! Definitely another candidate for the mirror image of G-O-D.
As for “From Hell”, that one hella-hellish book will need to travel with me so that I can crush Oreo with it in November. I just might appreciate it on the 12 hour flight back; void of any entertainment.
I have devoured many books over the past few days:
Kafta by The Shore
(what is Haruki Murakami’s obsession with women bordering menopausal stages having sexual relationships with confused teenage boys? sex and Japanese are synonymous – that I get and can accept, but this???)
ESCOBAR – DRUGS . GUNS . MONEY . POWER: The Inside Story of Pablo Escobar, the World’s Most Powerful Criminal as told by his brother Roberto Escobar
(the title just screams Penelope – ya know’ with the ‘.‘ and the never ending title … plus, I have always been attracted to the dark side – not in the Star Wars way of the darker side, but the dark, dark side.)
Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea
(ha ha – nice try by Guy Delisle)
Shenzhen: A Travelogue from China
(a bit flat after the above – also by Guy Delisle and meant to be read in the sequence I am listing his books)
Burma Chronicles
(besides knowing the many forms and variations of MSF-type NGOs … I am bored … he went back to simplistic, clean, straight line drawing here, taking the similar look as Pyongyang, hence moving away from the elaborate sketches he had applied for the Shenzhen graphic novel that I find myself liking purely because it makes my £8.98 more worth it, given the story line was far from compelling and engaging)
At the going rate, I desperately need to find a library quick or return to work! Amazing that I am actually thinking of work … though any deeper thought that I entertain in this area quickly gets me into a state of anxiety. So, what the hell! can make more money from me. Free P+H definitely rox!

9 thoughts on “From Hell it is!

  1. Guys, have you noticed she brings more than her laptop? Books! How many books can you read? A lot from what you let on. Unless you have succumbed to the eBooks reader? I'm imagining her as one of those travellers in the 1920s-1950s boarding steamers with trunks and trunks of

  2. @foto.grapher: not mine :)I was a poor lodger…andy88:last time I checked, you were a bit too large for the suitcase … and I am being extremely generous with the operative word "a bit"lol

  3. excuse-zee-mauh … your TEE is a gift and you wanna know how WT and I combed the market to ensure we got a reasonably priced tee? buggers were trying to see me a tee that cost more than two tees in london! WTH?!? no way – i ain't blonde or stupid. :perrr … i had lappie top and was blogging out of North East India – so I expect no less from you. ha ha ha … i could show you the internet cafe in darjeeling though – my fixer's brother in law owned it so i had FOC rights. :pbut seriously, i used a friends lappie in Nth East – i don't carry my mac around – weighs a tonne – unless it is for a photo workshop.:)

  4. the pyongyang, shenzhen and burma seems cool. ahem…lolz. altho u cn always refer to yours truly about shenzhen…, THEY get the burberries(ies) whereas i get 'lousy tee' la isit? wow, u power la…bring laptop when travelling. i must match….lol.(if only they hv wifi/line in darjling/skm,lol)summary, u r such a luxx traveller 'lah' (mind the word traveller ok? which is cool,in comparison to tourist… :P)

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