Travel Diary: … wassup Burma?

yet another one of those mysterious places that shouldn’t be all that difficult. I mean, the blardee Red Airlines flies there. This translates to ‘everyone can fly’!
… so wassup Burma with the VOA?
ok. I’ve been offered ‘Elections . Restriction . Journalist’ as explanations, which I’ve accepted with a graceful grunt, if at all that’s possible.

…so wassup with 3 different Burmese Embassy addresses in Malaysia?
… wassup with all the 9 lines found on the web that are all disconnected?
… wassup with the tmnet email address that bounces back with ‘user unknown’?
… wassup with the one and only communication device that seems to work?
(but I won’t know better since no one replied the fax I sent in)
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Point is:
how the heck am I going to secure a VISA?
Any ideas please?
And no no no, I’m going way after the elections … hopeful a non-eventful (another predictable outcome one, you think?), so that I can go thereafter.
Lastly, phew! as I was searching the net for ways to get-me-hands-on-a-visa, I stumbled upon a site that says internet connections have been suspended since the 1990s … only to google and have wiki confirmed that they have reinstated it (with restrictions and Big Brother looking over) in 2000 … phew!  (again) though I wonder what I would say with someone breathing down my neck!

Group: ViewsAsia
Credit: WONSOO
Source: The Chosun Ilbo – Seoul, South Korea
Provider: CartoonArts International / The New York Times Syndicate   (Cartoons – Views Asia) Download 433K


This is going to be an interesting one.
Burma that is…
Lugging around 13 kgs of ‘bodies’, ‘glasses’ and audio equipment better be worth my while.



11 thoughts on “Travel Diary: … wassup Burma?

  1. firstly, NO dramas!!!exactly my thot abt uncle aunties all going and some more the el cheapo red airlines fly rite?but visa on arrival suspended till further notice – must be coz of the elections.various suppose-ed Myanmar embassy contacts are:8C Jln Ampang Hilir, 55000 KLTel: (603) 4251 5595 / 4455 / 6355No. 10 Jalan Mengkuang, Off Jalang Ru, 55000 Tel: (603) 42560280, 42570680 (no. yg anda dial telah ditamatkan perkhidmatan)Fax: (603) 425683202A Grb Ampang Hilir, 55000 KLFax: 4251 0759 (only one that rings)No phone number givenbe my guest and call them … then tell me how.:p

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