BTH Syndrome


Is it just me?

There’s something about people who has been to Harvard. 
And I don’t mean one of those folks who takes a tour to the Harvard campus in Cambridge, Massachusets, get down, stroll along the lawns and buy a Hardvard University car sticker, jersey, polo t-shirt, mug, bear …etc.
I am talking about those that has gone; toil their way, wore a black ‘dress’ and a weird looking hat and got themselves a certificate. Actually, on hindsight, those that went the whole mile aren’t too bad. 
Those that did the exorbitant extortionist MBA with a promise of a lifetime debt and a shinning new career with a three letter word that starts with a ‘C’ are rather annoying.
But the worst of the group are the 2 weeks executive programme types; the half-bake, the neither here nor there folks.
Look, I’ve got nothing against MBA-ers, or Executive Programme ‘graduates’. And I am allowed to poke fun on both, being an MBA-er myself and a holder of 2 Executive Programmes; both of which makes the list attached (if you care enough to scrutinize – read: kei poh)

So, when I stumbled upon this article in Wall Street Journal (via Foreign Policy), you bet, I was tickled. A snippet…
“Japanese brokerage firm Nomura Holdings Inc. kicked off a training session for new hires in April by separating the men and women. The women, including Harvard graduates hired by Lehman Brothers before it collapsed, were taught how to wear their hair, serve tea and choose their wardrobes according to the season, say executives who fielded a complaint about the session.”

The one below however was a bit risky to quote. A magazine with a tag line of Cocktails, Countesses & Mental Carviar arises suspicion that can’t be helped but reinforced with the pink colour theme … but nonetheless, I am risking it purely base on the scrumptious article’s title of: ‘Harvard Grads : Not As Smart As You Think‘ and can’t agree more with this excerpt: 
“… a good part of the freshman curriculum is dedicated to emphasizing the good fortune and advantage students have for being able to attend Harvard University. In other words, they are told just how special they are over and over again. For most young adults, even so-called geniuses, these sorts of labels might be deceptive, though this attitude seems to remain with Harvard students beyond their academic careers, and highlights almost everything Harvard. 
While there is nothing wrong with elitism or a meritocracy per se, this superior attitude undercuts true brilliance, and makes people like me roll their eyes at Harvard folk. Most people with any intellectual pretensions whatsoever believe they are special. A clever angst-ridden teenager with even a single existential thought in his mind is likely to hang on to that distinction for as long as possible. Eventually, one hopes to be knocked back down to earth, though some tend to prize the Jesus-complex for far too long, even when they have little to show off about except that they went to Harvard.”

So yes! The BTH {Been To Harvard} Syndrome of deluded superiority has made me a tat dizzy – an act that truly has nothing to do with them, but one that has been self inflicted by over rolling my eyes whenever the BTH syndrome is exhibited by two of my colleagues who possibly shares their gloats with no one else. 
As hours ticked by and me feeling less sorry for my what could have been better (not stellar in this case, coz admittedly it was bad with a CAPITAL ‘b’-‘a’-‘d’) presentation, I am convince Nomura’s techniques should be applied!
BRAVO for the guts 
… then again, I suppose when you have a floor of recently unemployed Lehman Brothers dealers pleading for a job, you can stick your nose high up in the air and exercise slavery; adding to the numbers of 12-27 million slaves today and expanding the classification of debt slaves (indentured servitude) and human trafficking (prostitution of women and children).

Well, if you think that Nomura is being absurd and the pink looking website can be discredited … I dare say someone else famous agrees with me!

“I won’t say there aren’t any Harvard graduates who have never asserted a superior attitude. But they have done so to our great embarrassment and in no way represent the Harvard I know.”

{American lawyer and educator, and the former president of Harvard University}


6 thoughts on “BTH Syndrome

  1. :)Cornell any better? You seem to have a few on your tailcoats as I recall.And oi! how can my missy banker give up her Range Rover, caviar, champagne etc etc to make documentaries in slums, jungles etc etcHaving PMS issit???lol

  2. i'm looking for fellowships / scholarships for a 6mths – 1yr arty-fartsy course … even considered norway, turkey …mana2 pun boleh.wanna do either documentary or photo. but i wonder how i'm gonna get sabbatical – job too good to give up totally… sigh!

  3. weed. anytime, anywhere, whatever….lol.i m referring to GSD, graduate school of design…not of those snob snob BISINIS SKOOL of yours lahhh…lol. i cannot count money wan…

  4. me supporter of Kellogg (worse case got cornflakes mah!) and INSEAD though I always wanted to go IMD but no moolah.Burma??? what Burma? what are you smoking these days dude? loltee swap how/when/where?

  5. i almost-alMOST wanan apply to H's GSD after my china stint, but no la, i takder masa+duit 4 all this glam-glam stuff (real reason:takut not accepted…LOL). btw, what happened to yr burma post? kena warned ah? lol.

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