when effective Business Intelligence becomes ineffective

I can’t decide if this is bad.
I dream about being abducted during a photo-documentary shot, I shout out my address in Delhi {including the postcode!!! which awake I can’t even get the unit no. right}, and emerge confused in Amsterdam … days before I am due to travel.
Long story short: I have travel anxieties it seem {as was the case HERE}
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
I can’t decide which is worse.
The fact that Digi sends me sms-es in Hindi … {the below is just an example}
Or the fact that I actually understand the Hindi sms-es I receive.
Get Hit Caller Tunes:
<0058177>Masakali-DELHI 6, <0082737>Dil to Bachha Hai-ISHQIYA, <0083936>Thok De Killi Ki-RAAVAN. Sms CT<space><code> to 2000. RM3/ct
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


I can’t decide if this is the worst.
<ping> kutch 
i type: what about it?
<ping> research for me. i dont know anything abt this district.
i type: why?
<ping> because i wanna go.
i type: (1) i am NOT Indian. (2) i do not speak HINDI, just English, Malay, Chinese. 
<ping> :p
<ping> i know. but u can find out. and i need u to arrange the hook up and contacts from delhi
i type: (3) i live in KUALA LUMPUR, not delhi
<ping> but i know u can do it and i can’t.
i type: (4) you ARE Indian
Go figure!
And no, I haven’t embarked on this.
I’m swamped with work {20% mine}, {40%} other people’s, stretched assignments, {a collective 40% on} mentoring, coaching and shadowing sessions, training … 80% of remaining personal KPIs are done in transits, weekends, late nights … et cetera.
My PERSONAL time is pretty @#$%-ed up at the moment.

I have not change some foreign currencies. I have not packed my suitcase. I have not called the cab. I leave in a couple of days … days before that are confined in some training room, remote from everything and everyone else.

I have not done any research and reading on the destination after this.
I have not made any travel arrangements on this destination.
I am not even sure if it’s one location, two, or possibly three.
Thank god the possibility of my upcoming third trip seems to be going downhill with ego and power shifts at play; getting crazier and crazier as we partake in more and more conference calls.
I guess some civilizations are still hanging on to their primitive ways. I have no problems being the so -called lesser sex. I have no issues being someone who does not belong; not a ‘sister’. Religious issues, which normally is unnecessarily contentious, seems to suit me fine – just in this particular instance.

The only bummer is: I really wanted the frequent flyer points – that was one hell of a lot of miles, ok?

But despite all this chaos, I can’t help thinking how effective business intelligence {the case of Digi who picks up my call patterns to India and UK} is not so effective after all.

6 thoughts on “when effective Business Intelligence becomes ineffective

  1. It's been a long while.Thanks – you are probably right. Will consider seeing someone or talking it out. Thanks for the advise and ear.Keep well yourself – the treks and walks are still on I presume?

  2. It's just anxieties. You need to free yourself and learn to relax more. Everything will be fine. Your shots will be fine. I'm still proud that you're at it. the pro bono NGO and photo-documentary work despite the killing workload and schedules.Rest well and eat well.

  3. ha ha!You're doing awesome. I'll save all of my Hindi sms-es and use it in your defense during the December performance rating exercise. It will render Ahmed dumb-founded and illustrate that you're the best-est. Am sure he'll appreciate our BI after this!

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