(some times) am not 2 smart


okay, who am I kidding???

I may not go weak in my knees passing a stack of Sophie Kinsella’s in the bookshop, clutch “Eat, Pray, Love”, or have a purse full of discount cards …

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

though I am still reeling from what my thoughtless sister* who reads Sophie Kinsella the moment any of her book is release and has been trying to get me to dig into her sacred copy of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love since 2008 (book was released in 2006 by the way … way, way before the damn book converted and inflated the economy of Ubud, Bali with Julia Roberts filming there) said:  
“OMG! You are the woman who wrote Eat, Pray, Love … you just got your India-Italy-Bali sequence wrong this year!”


 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I still admittedly, have the tendency to plunge into irrational and senseless retail therapy or succumb to the extremely bad 4-letter word:
The only difference is, I buy … errr… not exactly big ticket items like men do with their grown up toys, but I .. I… I … well, I don’t know.

I can’t say I’m into gadgets.
My phone is 6 years old.
My MAC is a iBook G4.
I don’t own or aspire to have an iphone, ipad, ipod … i- … i- … i-S.

As far as my ‘bodies’ and ‘glass’ obsession might seem, truth of the matter is, I don’t even buy every lens or new camera that hits the market. I’ve got the same old, same old faithful … and that’s about all I need really …
Though I don’t mind another robust, fast click-ing ‘body’.
Much the same logic applies to: I don’t mind having a brand new swanky MacBook Pro.

I can’t say I don’t buy girlie stuff.
I’ve got a 2-door built in wardrobe of designer handbags (if you haven’t realise that yet) … which is bursting and consequently, my most recent 4 purchases from Tuscany and London ended up sitting in the coat cupboard, which I have to say is also bursting and this is totally irrational as the culprits are the woolen ones,  the trench coats, the raincoats … basically the many, many winter wear that is not wearable in a country that’s 33 degrees Celsius all year round!

But I don’t subscribe or go to any SALE, New Arrivals pandered out by the countless of clothes boutiques and departmental store. Heck! I only go to Kinokuniya in KLCC … and even then, possibly 6 to 8 times (max!) in a year.

But tonight, I am in a frantic state.
I am desperately pulling out my hair looking for someone who’s willing to pay MYR3,000 (50% of original fee only), fly to Kota Kinabalu, put up in Shangrila Tanjung Aru Spa and Resort (anything that has the allure of rest and relaxation in a manicured garden translates to expensive!) and be in the presence of 15 other kiasu, over-achiever-camera-and-hot shoe yielding people. 15 because I have conveniently included myself who would customarily end up frustrated and crying the entire 3 days because of the kiasu, over-achiever lot, rather than being kiasu … but I can’t really guarantee what will happen once I’m there – just praying there won’t be other women – whom, I’m generally allergic to!And all of this panic is because I am responding to a knee jerk reaction of a poster in my gmail box that reads:

I would have had 4 days if I had checked my email sooner … but how could I when I’ve been leaving my office at 10 p.m. every night … collapsing from exhaustion the moment I arrive home; not even spending the customary 10 minutes with Rover (the dog) or stretching out to grab smelly teddy to hug – that’s the problem of having large poster beds, by the way.

why do I not know enough locally based photographers and photographer enthusiast who has pockets deep enough?

why is it that the only people I know who fits the description above are the very same people I would rather die (or not attend the workshop, for a less dramatic effect) than be stuck with for 5 days (3 days workshop + 2 days for traveling)?

will I be in the country then? Will I be shipped off?
my life hasn’t been much of mine since 9 months ago

b..bb..BUT, wait-a-minute.
why the heck do I even want to go for this?
I don’t shoot with a flash.
I don’t own a single hot shoe and have not had any inclinations to do so …
and jolly-oh-God, this was actually advertised in a wedding photographer website!!!

Lastly, it says “3-days ADVANCE Workshop” – I haven’t got a freaking idea how to boot up a hot shoe! and thus, that places me merely a fraction above a bacteria in terms of ability (in that I have two limbs; one to hold the hot shoe, the other to flick the ON-OFF button. ha! No bacteria could do that).



Penelope thinks it’s coz she missed Joe McNally “puppy-talk” the last time! Read HERE. }

Penelope realizes after blogging that the “BUY 1 FREE 1” offer refers to a mini seminar freebie offered in Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia … and does not refer to “PAY for 1 Advance Workshop for 2 Pax” – bummer! So the workshop is still MYR6,000 }


* don’t get me wrong, my sister and I get along very well – too well.




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