if you haven’t been pluck-ed …

you’re a blardee fool
 I’ll let you off the hook (only this time around) if you’d ignored my personal invites and notification to pluck.
why? what? who? huh?
I was first pluck-ed out of my all-so-sensible-elitist idealism of string musicians in my youthful days of Monty Python, dyed-bottle RED hair, meditative yoga and perpetually slim waistline regardless of how many boxes of macaroons were dunked down with warm full cream milk.
I re-plugged recently and was once again pluck-ed out of this world by pluck

though I suspected correctly, the musicians-cum-comedians had changed. 

Well, with age catching up my memory does get a bit hazy (or was it clouded in the early days with my excessive secondary smoking of hash?) hence I am confused rather than being an early candidate for Alzheimer? who knows? who cares?

Well, sticking to the objective {very hard discipline required out of me}:
just go blardee get your butt to pluck – the world’s funniest string trio.
At ticket prices going for pittance: MYR 44, 55, 66 and something like that … you really have ZERO excuse to be entertained by the 3 stooges {meets} Yo Yo Ma – Itzhak Perlman – Mr.Bean (with A Violin). With them being totally idiotic, competing, arguing, ridicule-ing and seducing their way through popular classical works that spans across centuries, you’d be left both speechless and laughing at their talent of executing flawless classical performance whilst engaging physical feats and outrages antics.
Being totally fastidious and critical, trust me, when I say it’s good, it’s blardee good. Well, you’ve got till the 21st October 2010 to do so … and if you need company, I’m ever willing to watch it again! I’d watch the last act again and again – who could forget the fantabulous makeshift pompous Tchaikovsky (meets) Covent Garden Street Performances / Buskers (meets) Cal McCrystal (the Cirque du Soleil guy lah!) act???

Still not convince?
Check their awards out and hop on to their official website HERE.
{I am not commissioned to do this … just to clear the air.}


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