agonizing apple{s}

The Mac Book Air is definitely irresistible… having being Mac loyal all these years. 
I just don’t fall for the gimmick-y ipods, iphones, ipad – I have no conceivable use for any; tone death, would rather be mobile phone-free, and yes, believe this a woman does not like too many choices.
Unlike men who loves the challenge of the ‘hunt’, I’d rather have estatically pleasing things that are well organised and laid out, and like a typical woman, I get claustrophobic and techno-phobic when being inunduated with too many choices and confusing applications.
So at just MYR 3,299 the MacBook Air is really irresistible – sleek, slim, light.
… err, el Jobso definitely took note and learned from sanitary pads marketers!
But the thing is, I have an equally strong and stubborn right brain who can tune up the geek-o-rama antenna when the need presents.
So, hell yes, the geeky side of me kicked in as I was turning both the 11″ and 13″ in the Apple store recently. The technical specs, though I have read a trillionth times and made all permutations of upgrades and comparison of the MacBook Air versus MacBook Pro to even ultra geeky gaming machine Alienware 11″, is really nothing to shout about, I was drawn to go caress them. I mean, seriously, everyone has to check the 2mm thick/thin dimensions … any thinner it would have been sold under the brand name Wusthof Dreizackwerk or J.A. Henckels (Zwillig J.A.)!
The geek in me stated in a clear voice that in terms of strictest upgrade, I am zilt better.
See, it does pretty much the same thing as my upgraded 6- year old iBook G4 does.

But really… do I, do I not?
My good ol’ 6-year old is still very much kicking and alive, and as a principle I do not believe in contributing to the degradation of the environment by upgrading electronics unnecessarily – this of course is offset with my need to read hard copy stuff and the diesel emission I make commuting to work despite having a green engine.
then its 2GB vs. 4GB
Fact: I’ve been on pathetic 1GB for eons and recently upgraded to a paltry 2GB. 
Firstly, I won’t miss what I never had.
Secondly, a paltry 2GB RAM on a Mac runs far more superior than a PC… 
{eg. it takes <5 minutes to transfer 4GB raw photos via my aged Mac compared to >1 hour on my much newer HP PC at work}
So, technically the 11″ will suffice my requirements and this RAM talk is indeed a life-and-death decision (in relation to the Mac Air) as you can’t ‘upgrade’ a 2GB to a 4GB later as the card is so well buried (soldered) into the logic board – how typical el Jobso! The only way to get around this is to get the built-to-order option which would delay your instantaneous purchase gratification by 3-4 weeks. 
11″ vs. 13″ 
For a person who survived working Auto-CAD files on a 11″ 900+ grams Fujitsu Lifebook, I am accustomed to small screens. But the thing is Auto-CAD files do not require high resolutions unlike photos, which is the primary reason for this purchase consideration. So, for 30% more of the purchase price, I’ll be blessed with better verticle axis screen coverage, higher resolution and extra disk storage … which again is never enough and you’ll still see me lugging around my Tibetan refugee weaved pouch with 4 external hard disk and 4 thumb drives, plus half a dozen of CF cards in them.
Having gone through all of the techie stuff, it still voices down to :  do I, do I not?
I’m thoroughly disturbed by the non-existence of the FireWire.
I can live without a fast Ethernet and optical drive; both of which if need be can be bought separately and lugged around – still lighter than the Mac Book Pro, which undeniably has better technical specs. But I’ve long reasoned that if we are going down the technical specs vs. value for money route, I should just upgrade the desktop … and that’s a lot of value for money even in terms of raw materials being used to manufacture them!
So for now, I am capping this already confusing decision to portability that took a thorough 360 degrees spin when someone said: 
“for that price you could get loads of CF cards that are feather weight.”
Well said. 
so, do I, do I not?
{ its so terribly hard coz I’m dying to get 12 pieces of glasses aligned in 10 groups that will cost me two 11″ Mac Book Air. Will it improve my photography? Probably insignificantly so. Do I already have this lens? Yes, but this in f1.4 versus the f 2.8 – that’s one hell-a-lot-of-a-difference! psychologically speaking – I doubt my photo quality would improve. :) }


3 thoughts on “agonizing apple{s}

  1. aiyoh what's 3 to 5K to you lah?Besides you had one of the early generations MAC BOOK that costs a bomb back then as well as the Fujitsu Lifebook and Toshiba.ello? Since all your notebooks were in the 6-12K region. So why so kiam siap now?

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