Work Diary: i’ve been quiet


exhaustion aside . PMT aside . hopelessly aimless aside .
I’ve been seriously busy.

{what’s new?}

Latest eleventh hour project that came out of no where, that was self inflicted {read HERE: compelling argument? or talking myself out of a job?} had taken up a lot of my (additional) time.
Partly because I am a master procrastinator.
I like eleventh hour honestly.
I work best under immense pressure.
So, yes, that’s why I excel in crazy low budget, unrealistic time line projects … for years and years … and {amen} that’s why I continuously work for the Arabs who have no concept of date and time … and unfortunately budgets as well. 
See, for the latter, yes, they all start off with BIG unrealistic figure only to part them off very quickly to convincing OWM (old white men) consultants … run out of funds … hire PIO (people of Indian origin) and the likes of Penelope to implement. 
Yes, I am a sucker for pain!

Partly because I am a perfectionist.
I like things to have a big theme, executed via various mediums, carrying different imagery, messages and sensory stimuli … but all seamlessly intertwining with one another. 
This means a lot of work!
This means multiple concepts wrapped around a central theme.
This means hell-a-lot coordination and convincing of people to cooperate.
This means I either do it myself or oversee every single detail.

who am I kidding?
Partly because I have ultra low trust.
of course I do every-thing myself!
from graphics, photo, audio, copy … even installation.
If I could print, I would … that’s about the only production I had to outsource!
My life motto? Never introduce or do anything you are incapable of executing without anyone’s help. It’s pretty much the same theory of ‘DO-NOT-BE-A-RESTAURATEUR-IF-YOU-CAN-NOT-COOK’.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

So this time around, I made:
a flash video 
{to blow all competition out of the window!} 
a giant poster 
{to make her woordy punny poster look well, punny} 
 {this poster is dedicated to ALL my colleagues – thanks, seriously, for >4 wonderful years}
photographs and documented real stories 
{errr… what better way to experiment portrait photography before a real assignment} 
and got all my Directors on a road show all over Malaysia selling the project 
{seriously folks, this makes or breaks any initiatives; the buy-in, the endorsement by Management, the ‘people’ mantra …}

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Despite knowing how to work Adobe Illustrator, Flash … etc. this is totally unbelievable! I haven’t discovered how to upload the darn Flash video up in blogger … which I haven’t seriously thought through if I should as this is a public domain after all.

5 thoughts on “Work Diary: i’ve been quiet

  1. got one spello error one. damn huge ok – u wanna put where?and don't see how you can derive any pride not being an Al Rajhi-an lei.a few have asked and wants to frame it up. gulp gulpa lotz of monies…

  2. i really love the info-overloaded poster…really my type of skyline…lolz. no pun intended….cool man! oil money builds anything huh?? bagi satu poster nie…boleh? got or not first?

  3. we've a middle east clients who have big ideas and cost alot to build. it's one thing if they realise it early it's a fantasy and another when we are deep into the designs only for them to pull out completely. financial loss to them – whatever, but lots of problems for people like us. big idea, big project, big commitment. imagine the number of staff we have to lay off in the end!

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