Travel Diary: where it was all somber and grey

It’s plain criminal to have grey colour schemes.
Who in the right mind would have thought grey was a good choice?
It’s imparts the following: 
Cold . Impersonal . Mournful . Somber . Downright Depressing

All of the above gets the multiplier effect when you’re alone in a business hotel. 
In a quiet and deserted town. 
The type of town where even residents of the town don’t trust their neighbour
The type of town where hotels do not stock their mini bar for fear of it being raided.
The type of town where no one ventures out after dusk.
The type of town where the ‘fish’ in ‘fish+chips’ is actually a snake looking like creature that lives in the water. The type that even when my active imagination was subdued by a strong inducement of migrain, is still gagging 96 hours later. The type that I didn’t appreciate the waiter elaborating with what appeared to be ‘pain’ from over exerting his grey matter and twisting his tongue to produce sounds I could comprehend.
Oh dear god, don’t ask me what I was doing there.
Don’t ask me why it’s grey either.
I don’t know.
But, this much I know for sure: 
It’s just plain awful. 
It doesn’t keep the stains away. 
It must have been a cheap, tasteless architect or interior designer. Or it must have been one that took under the table favours.

Whatever the case is, I endured and survived to tell the story and show the pictures.



And no, no.
I didn’t go cheap.
It’s 5-stars alright. Topped with a floor for women executives only.
But the question is this:  

would you rather be the ONLY woman on the women executive floor? 

I figured NOT.

See, I can’t figure out if I’d die of fear of the 3rd element, the probable mini bar raider-cum-rapist-cum-murderer, or the psycho housekeeping people who leaves fumes of foul smelling odour permeating from the vacuum cleaner that incidentally left more debris than suck ’em up.

Whatever the case was, I wasn’t risking a death certificate that said: “vacuum cleaner asphyxia”



7 thoughts on “Travel Diary: where it was all somber and grey

  1. owned by the Queks… what did you expect?!? Blardee ceenas! who insists every business must have a ROI of at least 15% a year. Why go into hotels then?!?!?And no – lah as a business hotel the room size was ok, the amenities were ok. Just the colour scheme sucks. The housekeeping and upkeeping bad. Apparently just refurbished but there was cracks in the bathroom sink, bath tub and the grime was bad. Carpet had past guests' chips and what not on it …Well, business hotels are high traffic, but hey, one can keep them clean and presentable as well, ok.Most depressing was the grey – if you ask me.

  2. which hotel chain is this from? errmmm, ok mahhh….subtle! mind u, this sure is a 'hotel-hotel', if u prefer something different, then u should opt for those boutiquish ones…LAH. and u insist on having butler services………pppfffttt

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