Travel Diary: spring cleaning done, and summer’s gone …


Just when I thought we were done with spring cleaning {and boy oh boy I don’t fancy clearing stuff out simply because it places me in a strange dilemma} it’s about time to start all over again!
I’m not your traditional Chinese that turns the cupboards inside-out, rugs over, and move furniture around just before the Chinese Lunar Calendar takes its own turn.
I generally clear things out when:
(a) the cupboard is bursting out,
(b) there is a trail of arthropod with three pairs of legs and three body regions across the pantry,
(c) curiously everyone is frequently enthroned on the porcelain throne over extended period of time expelling fumes that would kill the trail of arthropod with tree pairs of legs and three body regions,
(d) my eardrum beg for mercy from the incessant repetitive phrases that is verbalised by my mother.
Of all the spring cleaning, clearing out the wardrobe is most devastating, often resulting in one finding a pair of {add any garment of your choice} which you had no idea where it came from being at least a size or two smaller than one’s current clothes size.
It’s unfair no doubt, but hang on! who ever said life was fair?
The most interesting spring cleaning would be the pantry.
It never ceases to amaze. It’s full of surprises …
how the heck is it possible that I’ve not notice food, yes, FOOD that has been way within reach of a walking distance of less than 50 footsteps for 15 years or more???


or …
“phew! how is it that I’m not doomed {as illustrated by the wooden caskets in the newspapers}???”
Well, in Equitable Life’s case, I suppose ancient civilization got it right – tea leaves are fantastic preserving agents for mummified bodies.


Now that the London flat had been done eons ago, it’s time to get started back home with:
the pantry .
. the book shelves .
{expect loads of gift away here}
the travel wall .
the wardrobe .
{need some anti-depressant}
. the toiletries cupboard .
{and I don’t have the habit of collecting hotels’ toiletries!!!}
the shoe cupboard .

Incidentally I have just cleared out my entire work station and my staff’s at work … organising for 2011 and creating files for 2011 as well! Just in case you’re wondering what had gotten into me … well, it sure beat sitting in a room with two grey matter challenged people to correct the incentive scheme they had created that has:
(a) no funding source {let alone incremental growth of funds/revenue with incremental effort put in by people; hence called incentives}, and 
(b) works on a prepayment less deductions for penalties – the very opposite of what an incentive is suppose to do. 
So, yeah, duuuhhhhhHHHHs of the world, incentive plans are suppose to incentivize you {not demoralise} to work more to make more $ for the organisation who then shares a small portion of the ‘take’ with you.
One didn’t need no genius to tell ya that! 
And yes, procrastinating does not make the problem go away … but I am human.
Humans procrastinates.



4 thoughts on “Travel Diary: spring cleaning done, and summer’s gone …

  1. @kcyup … heh heh … my home pantry done last nite. Worse! 1993 pun ada. :)XOXO@Johna Travel Wall has pictures – drawing/sketches and other 3-D scultural things that can be hung on walls of key places I have traveled to. KEY primarily because some places don't inspire. Some places do not have thematic things that goes to the wall …etc.

  2. Spring cleaning a Travel Wall??You have a Travel Wall?!?!?!?!? What's a Travel Wall???????????By the way, everyone is grey-matter challenged by your standards lah.:pMerry Christmas babe!

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