growing up is tough

Becks, my niece is 3-and-a-half (give and take a few days) and thanks to all the genetically engineered food (I’m totally against GMO stuff), and God’s will, her development has been rather amazing. Well, this could also be a disillusioned and ill represented perspective on my part from lack of comparison of kids around her age in my life.
Anyways, long story short its been 2 months since our Cambodian maid took a hike (this is another story on its own with the police ‘kidnapping’ her en route to the Cambodian embassy where they plotted with the maid agency to blackmail us into admission of abusing the maid followed by human rights lawyers being hired etc… but back to my story!)
So as I was saying… Becks has been attempting to help my mom with some chores at home. Though its merely an attempt, it must have been rather exhausting and frustrating for her as she asked my mother this, “nana, when is Bryant going to get well?”
My mom replied gently, Oh Becks, ‘khor khor’ is very sick and he will always be sick. He came out of mommy’s stomach sick and every day since he is sick.”
She cast long glances between Bryant who why lying prone on the bed and my mother for the longest of time before dipping her head down a little and said in a meek voice, “ok. ‘khor khor’ is very sick.”
Since then she makes the effort to jump out of her trance-like gaze state when it’s bath time for Bryant, and takes it upon herself to push his wheelchair to the jacuzzi.

After knocking into the antique Chinese mirror dresser by Bryant’s customised bathroom, the teak bar chair at the kitchen’s counter top and an old urn transformed into a rubbish bin, she started removing them the following day before it was time to steer the wheelchair.

Today, she decided that it was easier to walk backwards while pulling the wheelchair rather than pushing it; a task where her view is limited by her being vertically challenge.

I wonder how long this will last.
I wonder the effect of this information would have on her as realisation of its implication hits her bit by bit as she grows.  
Growing up is tough.



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