(yawn) : My Family Part 6

believe it
{It’s strictly immaterial that I am still grappling with this unbelievable but true fact.}
In a short space of one year, my colourful extended family is reduce to being docile. Downright boring.
Sleep inducing inactivity. 
So, being reduced to twiddling my thumbs, crossing my eyes and tossing my brains inside out for amusement, I arrived at the following deduction for this year’s Chinese New Year boredom.
{probable} REASON one
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Well of course this year I didn’t have Madame Fussy Pot to deal with. A simply matter-of-fact statement of:
“I am still angry and upset with you. 
When it suits you, you sorak-sorak and maki-maki me.” 
from my mother to Madame Fussy Pot a couple of weeks before Chinese New Year was all it took.
whokay! that’s some peranakan language for you. 
Allow me the pleasure of clarifying that sorak2here does not translate to “cheering” but rather “shouting”. And maki2, well, it is “maki” as we know it in Bahasa Melayu; i.e. “cursing”. 
Not a big fan of Madame Fussy Pot and having grown up viewing her in the same light as Cruella de Vi, personally I was pleased with this outcome and have no remorse or trouble sleeping.
{to get a feel of what’s Madame Fussy Pot aka my maternal grandmother is like, READ here
{probable} REASON two
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

 Uncle E and Aunty S have come to 3 realizations:


Jehonvah Witness = nontrinitarian
Does cousin B still do the sign of the cross?
What went wrong in those 6 years of catechism classes?
How could a man change 24 years of good Catholic upbringing? 
How could cousin B betray Aunty S? 
How could cousin B give up the trinity?
Had Aunty S not endured Uncle E for more than 3 decades as a devotion to the Catholic faith?

{or was she simply ashamed to be denied receiving the Eucharist?}


 70.2% of Kazakhstans are Muslims
 Cousin R’s girl contributes to the 70.2% statistics.
:) {cynical, all knowing smile … see, I told them so, but was vehemently challenged. 
hmmmm, the ignorant bunch of people I have to be genetically linked to! is simply impossible.}
that… that… {blip} Diploma holder Malay Boy dumped Cousin A
 … finally …
Common’ she may be my cousin but I do know ‘Diploma-holder-Malay-boy-with-no-future-and-small-bank-balance’ rather well and yes sire, he HAS POTENTIAL. He’s really smart; intellectually and street wise. 

And the best clincher is: he makes twice the amount Cousin A does – so much for MARA Diploma versus Vanderblit Degree.

{Just so you know, I am a die-hard supporter of underdogs and this is not a case of me not liking cousin A – though this much is for sure; I am fonder of my smelly Teddy any day and no prizes for guessing who/what will be rescued should cousin B’s Armageddon happens!}
So in any case, these 3 realization must have either:

(a) shocked them beyond words or (b) shamed them beyond words. 
(a) or (b) I am ultra cool with it. 
Vindicated to be exact. The “I TOLD YOU SO” feeling.
But the side effects which resulted in clammed lips and tongues tied-up had turned out to be not so cool as I was itching for some entertainment and ridiculous antics that resembled their 1960s hippie LSD induced days.
{To know what the heck am I rambling about READ (sigh): My Family Part 2} 
{probable} REASON three
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

My ‘brother’ is yet to make his appearance!!! 
Judging from the last visit, he’s finally done with ‘someone else’s boyfriend’, which has dismissed the whole desperate need of a pad now!  
{READ (huh): My Family Part 4 for details}
Well, he has a newer {in every sense of the word!} replacement. A tat ceena I am told and dearie ‘ol brother of mine {who never passes a day beyond 35 years of age, by the way} is re-educating him on the following: CK and Armani is not cool … and hence starts the chore of memorizing all high fashion brands, fashion capitals of the world, concept store locations and architectural marvels, plus the latest ‘ins’.
Generally, I keep my self imposed restraining order of 91.33 metres checked in this case. A tour of high fashion joints is not a past time I like to be part of.  This is simply because the plastic cards in my purse just seems to have a life on its own; curiously popping up to check out the husky voiced pointy pinky finger shop assistance with hair extensions, fake eye lashes and padded brasseries.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
And so with this, I await some excitement…  with diminishing hope as the days slip by.
The other deduction made: 
I am either insignificant or invisible.
Last year, my baju kurung received no unsightly remarks.  
This year, my extremely RED Moroccan t-shirt incited no reaction.
Though I had the choice between a RED uncle Mao t-shirt or the RED Moroccan t-shirt, the Arabic inscriptions were somehow more {in}appropriate to be worn, and hence more appealing.



8 thoughts on “(yawn) : My Family Part 6

  1. aye aye on tee in Calcutta and Sikkim. Sikkim I can see some themes there, but who lah goes there?!? other than crazy us?Secondly, what would you put on a Calcutta tee? Howrah bridge??? Why not? Mebbe Calcutta needs the same city tourism marketers like Paris; afterall both places aren't much different in many ways {ouch}My Moroccan tee is still going strong and red as ever despite staining every other single piece of garment that went through the same tumble, spin, wash as it! And oye, it only goes to show how horrible this entire Moroccan tee buying experience is; expensive + got molested!

  2. did laundry this morning and remember i wore the morrocan tshirt on raya 1st..hehee. got some comments about the jawi. btw, the color from the jawi is fading fast man….

  3. selamat hari raya cina sayang. talking about tshirts, ermmm, really did not notice any sikkimese theme tees at alll lehhh seriously…nor calcutta. hey, can think about it lah….i mean..bisines wise…..apa macam?

  4. No lah fren. I have more dips and colourful history and experiences than any of them and was not let off the hook for eons. Now pay back time man!!!…and least I do it with finesse.

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