pixel shopping addict?

I hate to admit this but I am beginning (yes, operative word ‘beginning’) to see the virtues of grandpa robsie blocking ‘auction’ and ‘pixel shopping’ sites from the work server.
Sure, he was yelled at and cursed some 2 weeks back for this action which I had, like a brat accused him of ‘the power getting to his head’ being the Bank’s Technology Director, which is akin to being the aorta that feeds the heart of the Bank.
Now that I am sitting here anxiously awaiting the arrivals of 9 pairs of shoes and 2 handbags with a reduced Australian bank account balance … yes, indeed grandpa robsie is wise …
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
See, having thrown out 11 pairs of shoes and 2 handbags (plus another 3-4 which has still some life in them but probably will do better in another home) … coupled with the recent events, yes, I, Penelope was in the market for some flats, with the bonus of extra storage space. So with the four Ferragamo – and yes, they can be darn uncomfortable and hard!, one Gucci, one Cole Hann – to make up for all the impossible hard and stiff hide of the 3 out of 4 Ferragamo, and one Prada I have 6 new flats added to my collection. 
Naturally, being the occasional nutcase that ignores my physical constraints (that yay! it’s a distance past now, for the moment) who feels the need for an elevated 4 inches of height especially in the presence of pot-bellied, balding, short men with bullying habits and in some instances primate features, I have my need for the ever lovely 4 inches Giorgio Armani and Christian Louboutin. With that in mind, I settled for a compromise –  both in terms of height and pricing – with one Fendi, one Prada and a Dolce Gabanna.   
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Just when I thought I was done, my appetite obviously has no refrain with me looking up for some funky buys in Orla Kiely and Anthropologie – you know, just to add some “spice and colour” to my otherwise staple BLACK, BLACK, BLACK, BLACK wardrobe with a dash of tan and white. 
I swear Ford was my grandfather some how.
how else could I have acquired the “any colour as long as its Black” affinity???
And so with that, I’ve got two jackets, 2 (maybe 1) sweater pending in my Anthropologie shopping cart and a brown leather handbag with gorgeous turquoise trim in my Orla Kiely shopping cart; both of which does rack up the pending credit card bill thanks to our weak ringgit versus the (not so strong) sterling pounds.
I know I really shouldn’t … shouldn’t check-out the carts.
Not after the 9 pairs of shoes.
Not after the 2 spur of the moment handbags – all because I had to replace the Burberry one Val stained, and none of the 2 handbags I got was a Burberry.
Not after putting the Mercedes in for servicing.
Not after dropping by and acquiring camera related equipments yesterday (albeit small ticket).
Not after getting a IWC wristwatch.
… and all these in a short span of 2 weeks. 

I truly need the Australian dollar to appreciate rocket high now – to make up for the purchases! lol

Oh well, suddenly it’s a novel and lovely idea that I’m back to work tomorrow.
I will be preoccupied for one.
The server blocks my pixel shopping sites!



Bless me when I’m in Bicester Village come Autumn.
Bless us that we’ll be having a SUV with us … yes, space, space, space!




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