if you’re a C-A-M-E-R-A


…. chances are I do NOT discriminate.

From my Leica and Hassy obsession to the more practical Nikon gears {which I have about 75% control over the output} I adore the toy plastics of Lomo and Holga too!!!

The past 36+ a few more hours {too darn lazy to count and recall} has been a blast.

First, I took my M6 Ti for a spin in a really old, rustic Chinese restaurant that still has the yesteryear feel to it.
Nope. It’s the authentic type.
Not one of those young city folks doing a bad re-enactment of the 1950s and 1960s or even replicating a certain type of food which is frankly a far fetched version of trying way too hard and ending up with a yuppie fusion wannabe.
This had a whole host of people stuck in time.
1950s is my estimate.
Old men with swollen ankles and deep varicose veins like glow worms embedded right beneath translucent skin that has been over stretched by the years dressed in thin Pagoda brand white cotton singlets from China and shorts that are pulled up way above the waist level, stuffing ducks and chopping pak choy furiously with the cleaver along Jalan Pudu. 
A rather bold move given that this is my maiden {virgin} attempt at the Leica.
Oh well, it’s just 36 films, less at least 2 lost from bad inexperience loading and another 2 from not realising the lens cap is on!!!
Anyways, the verdict will be on Tuesday – given that there are only a handful of film labs available now … hence, bye-bye the good ol’ days of 30 minutes film developing photographs services I had the pleasure of enjoying while growing up.
Since Tuesday will be a working day {yes, one of those adult things I go through to sustain my ‘glass’ and bodies obsessions along with other wants in life – ahem – yup, I self proclaimed them as “WANTS” so back off people! ha ha} … it’s likely that I’ll see the fruit of the 32 shots or not on Wednesday or Thursday. And hopefully with a self prediction of 10% good shots, I may or may not be in the mood to scan them and show them here. 
Bottom line is: we will see how it goes.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Today, I got this in the post …
yeeesh… “FOOD” for the classic toy camera of all … the famous Polaroid that got me chocked and crying not too many years back … which ok, only an obsession I took on yet again to spike someone else! … ya know, the “because I can” syndrome … {read HERE}
… which ok, I may one day end up with me cutting off my nose to spite my face! but let’s not fret over this until it really {or is about to} happen.
As for now, I am trying to secure the one and only must have Polaroids of all Polaroids – the Mother of All Polaroids so to speak – the SX70 Land Camera  – in the next few hours.
The ‘food’ was for the Polaroid 670AF – an unexpected mail delivery to me by someone dear which I will shoot of a shot or two tomorrow. I guess with films being so rare, but not anymore with the awesome folks at Impossible Project, I’m a tat reluctant to take just about anything. Oh well, it’s still a MYR 10.625 per shot! even with supply being readily available now.

And since the Impossible Project currently only produces monochromes for the 600 models, and I absolutely MUST have the coloured ones {yes, only in the case of badly made plastic toy cameras with bad light leaks, vignetting etc… I yearn for colour} … I have to get the SX70 … and being Penelope, it MUST be the SX70 Land and nothing else.
See the good folks at Impossible Project have solved the imminent nightmare of all SX70 owners who had to modify their cameras when the films ceased to be produced, to take on the 600 films, with the production of the new PX70 Color Shade PUSH! specially for SX70s. Though the PX680 – the colour films for 600 models – are due to be release soon … I just can’t wait for them and oh well, I MUST just have the classic SX70 Land.
So it’s time to Land the “Land” deal … ta ta
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Resource Site for Land cameras …

6 thoughts on “if you’re a C-A-M-E-R-A

  1. sodeska… I reaped it from the Impossible Project site – lolBut you can make with bedsheet/pillowcase. Or a carton box, painted white.Done one before … or buy from China if you want a professional one.

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