go on darling … it’s a better place …

the timing cannot be worse
fourteen April 
14-4. A bad day by the Chinese

But this is not really what I meant by bad timing.
Rover was almost 12 years old (human age). In dog years that would have made him over 80 years old.
His eye sight had been failing, he was a tat short of hearing, physically weak and… well, most of the time he can’t even tell where his food or snack is even when his nose was in physical contact with it.

So yes, the kind thing was for our darling ‘baby’ to go on to a much better place.
And for almost 3 years we have been talking about his ‘future’.


Mom had wanted to call a taxidermist.
Val and I had thought it was a bit too morbid and scary for Becks.
So we explored the pet cemetery – besides the exorbitant costs, it’s just too far away to make it meaningful. It was agreed an allocated space in our garden would be better.

Then the brilliant idea of a memorial rock came into play and it was decided that’s what we would do.


But none of this was materialised when we found him cold and hard in his ‘bed’ just as we had left him reluctantly in the morning upon discovering that my house had been broken into and the thieves had managed somehow to haul my safe and emptied my dri-cabinet containing 5 professional bodies and 6 lenses … amongst other items such as my MacBook and what not that seem negligible by comparison of having lost Rover, the safe and all my camera equipment.


With all the commotion from neighbours and the patrolling policemen, Val dug a hole in the garden, battling with the remaining day light upon rushing home from work and we quickly wrapped him in his existing blanket and covered him up. All this and our goodbyes were done in a daze and hurry as we had to take turns distracting Becks from the sight for fear of traumatizing her.


My sole consolation is:

I held Rover and stroked him for over an hour in the morning, talking to him and urging him to cross over to ‘the better place’… that we will continue to love him and remember him in our hearts.

I had the funny premonition of removing this compact flash card from the camera

and replacing it with another just in case Val returned earlier than me and wanted to take a few shots of Rover in the evening. Thank god for all this {despite all the bad things that had happened} … this was the last of my cameras that the thief took and stuffed into my overstuffed backpack with camera equipment as he made his last round after loading the safe into the waiting vehicle.

These few photos are simply priceless …

 Rover, hours before … he had lost so much weight and ‘aged’ over 48 hours … not wanting to drink or eat anything even when forced-fed.
 The pair of innocent eyes looking confused and uttering … “ee ee … Rover is very sick. When can I play with Rover again?”
 Good bye darling … We love you …
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
~ Rover  | 1999 – 2011 ~
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



13 thoughts on “go on darling … it’s a better place …

  1. awww… thanks all!Russ, gosh Sadie is gorgeous. And stating the obvious, extremely spoiled by 'daddy'. Burberry collar??? Gnawing on LVs??? lolShe's just lovely. Thanks so much for sharing. Made me smile and laugh.

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