Work Diary: playing Bollywood last week …

Dear C,

Thanks for the arrangements you had worked on with my colleague A.
Our Bank’s Service Quality Committee team members which comprise of Senior Management of the Bank had a ½ day meeting at DT-H Hotel on 27th April 2011. I am writing to you to register our disappointment with your hotel’s service delivery; in particular on their handling of the parking facilities.
Not only was it inconvenient to have a different validation system and counter for in-house guest (done at the Concierge at Lobby) and those that use your conference facilities (done at the Business Centre), we were not informed of this system and had to lug our laptops, files etc between the two floors. When we expressed our disappointment and queried about this peculiarity, instead of being offered assistance by the group of almost 7 staff at the Lobby who were standing around chit-chatting, we were told rudely that it’s a different system and why can’t we comprehend that, and that the car park system is not part of DT-H Hotel – abdicating the problem.
Upon validating the tickets at the Business Centre, we were told to pay either on the “LG” or “6th” floor. We then took the car park lift and proceeded to the “LC” floor which at a glance appeared like “LG”. After shuttling up and down looking for the car park machine, we realised that there is NO “LG” floor; only “G”, “C” and “LC”. Frustrated, through good fortune we met the building security guard who personally led us to the car park machine – ironically a refreshing change from the rude DT-H Hotel staff we had encountered both in the Lobby and the Business Centre.
When we attempted to pay for the parking, one out of 5 of the tickets showed a parking fee in access of 24 ringgit.  Without realising this, my Technology Director slipped in a 5 ringgit note and thereafter tried to cancel the parking payment. His “validated” ticket was ejected, but not the 5 ringgit note he had paid. Attempting to pay again, thinking that the machine will recognise that he had paid 5 ringgit, the ticket was reinserted and the LCD display showed 29 ringgit!!! Visibly upset, he proceeded to your lobby for assistance.
Needless to say, the reception by DT-H Hotel’s staff – a renowned 5-star hotel – was embarrassingly bad; aggravating the situation further without any empathy or effort to offer any form of resolution.
Given that we have plans to use the conference facility again next week, I hope that you will take this as a learning point. Without reservation, 2 out of 5 of us who are involved in next week’s meeting have voted against using DT-H Hotel again. I believe you can’t fault us for this. DT-H Hotel failed to meet even the expectations that would have been met by a mom-and-pop bed and breakfast outfit.
If anything you’ve lived up to your name (literally) and had us dancing a Bollywood jig around the two trees!


 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
I’ve since received a lame email from Ms. C claiming she has failed in her attempts to contact me – which is highly plausible. The tone of the email was curt – which again is not surprising given the reception we received. The invoice though did an impressive speedy gonzales, and lucky DT-H, our Bank’s policy is to ‘process’ invoices within 3 working days. Had the policy not been in place, I’d gladly put Ms. C’s ingenuity of contacting me for payment to test – one I have no doubts she would pass with flying colours.
It’s a pity what this world has turn out to be.
I am glad we decided to abort our plans to use them next week opting for players in the hospitality industry that has won Best Employer and other hospitality and tourism accolades in the past.

Well, I guess that explains why some chains win accolades and others just have brats as their children who ends up in jail and have their terribly skinny arse and flat boobies showing over!


6 thoughts on “Work Diary: playing Bollywood last week …

  1. to rub it in further mr.architect, their tree house hotel "rooms" in Kuching is funky and cool… well, i had a blast telling Americans 'yes, we live in tree houses called H- Hotel in East Malaysia'.

  2. tak sangka u prefer to stay on a tree…lolz. ok ok, u went there for a seminar or something, i know, but why the glam, can hv it in office wat…rich kids…benci.

  3. lol. tat was disastrous. dt-h 4 star only, that might explain the poor service :p just go down the street from where you are, s-la never disappoints me

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