weird got me hooked

The Japanese has somehow always strike me as a peculiar bunch of people. None existing in the “grey zone”.
For me, they either fall in the tight lipped, prim-and-pro.pah category in well pressed grey or dark navy blue suits (for the men) and sweet pastel shades cotton dresses with mini puff sleeves and a bow accentuating cuteness (for the ladies).
Pearls. Oh yes, pearls are a must for the ladies.
Why else was Mikimoto created?
If they weren’t in this category, then they fell into the sun-kissed tight bummed, ohm pendant held by a thin black leather cord type of surfer boy, whom thank god I have finally come to age where I can ogle them shamelessly like a cougar!
Well, I got terribly confused when I first saw and learned about Junichiro Koizumi.
Visually I was disorientated.
Intellectually I was challenged.
Had the cloning and hybrid experimentation gone bad? 
Or gone right?
He was both.
And though Junichiro Koizumi would have no real impact on my personal life, boy was I upset of his existence. Well, maybe not particularly upset of his being on this earth, polluting it together with the rest of us, but I was hell yes, disorientated and being totally human capable of almost all sins, I had to blame someone. So, since there’s only me and him in my unbalanced warped world, he must definitely be at fault.
And oh, did I mention the weird television shows? Game shows to be exact.
If anything good came about it, it would be me truly comprehending the word ‘pervert’. 
Though not appreciated at the tender age of 9 year old {given my generation, at 9 years, we weren’t all that advanced and sophisticated or exposed}
how the heck did I know the word ‘pervert’ at that age (?) … ssshhhh… now, that’s a BIG secret. 
But yes, men sniffing the shoes and toes of women to identify the correct match between smelly toe jammed pale toes and shaped hides, is disturbing for a 9 year old.
Despite all of these, I got hooked on Japanese literature and remain a curious observer of their pop culture. For the former, I blame a ‘dodo’ who had introduced Murakami to me.
Norwegian Wood was … well, weird.
It was … well, a long weird piece of work.
To date I struggle to suppress my very own imaginations of Reiko Ishida. I mean, I wouldn’t have given two hoots if she had just remained the older cuckoo friend of Naoko … but just that few paragraph of her and Toru at the wooden shed was enough to shatter me. 
What was that for? 
Isn’t the entire book littered to the point of being a shanty garbage tip with sexuality?
But boy oh boy, the disturbing interpretations of Murakami’s ‘loss and sexuality’ in his works did not stop me from acquiring more of his books, honestly in the search of figuring what he’s all about. What’s the big deal about his works.
After all the raining tunas, mr. Kentucy Fried Chicken making appearance in a Japanese whore house, to UFOs and dancing elephants I have progressed no where. If anything I have regressed further.
Nothing made sense.
I just have a bookshelf filled with Murakami’s; all matchy-matchy as I had made a point to buy them from the same reprint dates to ensure congruence in the covers, even if it meant a few ringgits more for something meaningless.
Off late I read two additional books by two WOM3N authors, hoping it would make more sense:
The Diving Pool 
by Yoko Ogawa

by Banana Yoshimoto
Here’s the take.
With the women, the fixation with sexuality is less; though still present.
Morbidity seems to take the prize … even when it comes to sexuality where transvestites parent, homophobia tragedies and suggestive incest takes main stage.
In any case, if you’re up for something different, The Diving Pool is one to start with – merely 3 short novellas written some twenty odd years ago that will see you plunge into explorations of abnormal psychologies unfold against the most mundane and normal settings of daily life … leaving you with a sense of uneasiness as to whether (or if) you are capable of such cruelty and conceit.
Brilliantly written nonetheless!

2 thoughts on “weird got me hooked

  1. Murakami is just too weird and deep for a simple guy like me.Did you say sex though?Lots of it? Thought that's a Sidney Sheldon, Jackie Collins trait only!Ben

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