more plastic … FUN! :)



“A special gift to bring out the best in you. 
Go get your prize-wining shot.”
says the message that came with this newest toy I received.

Prize-winning shot most probably not.
But with the light leaks and really bad piece of plastic as the lens, I’m itching to load a roll of film in. Catch though is, with film being a near precious and rare {soon to be collectible} I hesitate along with the polaroids, velvia, provia, ektachrome etc that sits chilled in see through plastic containers on my fridge’s shelf.  
Then of course there’s the question of subject matter … and naturally getting into the groove and mood.
Either I have lost my interest after the burglars had cleared out my dry cabinet or I’m just too pre-occupied and exhausted at work … sapping all my desire and interest in doing anything productive other than recuperating and rejuvenating my cells by sleeping.
I know of a girl who can literally sleep her weekend through.
Yes, she sleeps for hours ends and only stirs when nature calls.
I used to wonder how that’s humanly possible, especially noting the nasty headaches I’d get if I’m still in bed past 11 am.

Or the fact that I’ll be nursing a backache – oh yeah, I’m convinced too that I could shed a few more pounds, but like it or not I have miserably plateau out! weight wise and it can be rather frustrating.

Anyways, I should be getting out there and do something.
Maybe play with my ‘toys’ too …

my film roll has been sitting in my Hasselblad XPan II for close to a month now! and since I’m managed to convince Fuji Film to re-order the velvia in … I should not be thinking 10 times before I depress the button. Also I’d need to get used to shooting the velvia as I’m bringing the XPan II to my next trip in search of that ONE great shot of elephants making their way to the water hole across the nature park’s plains panoramic … why else bring the X Pan?




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