some things just are …

Like a plain MYR 2.90 ring notepad I have/had.
Until it ran out, I had lots of words to pen down.

and the occasional !deas.
OK. Not just your occasional ideas, but mind blowing ones.
Simply put, it was an amazing notepad.

Perhaps in the league of T. S. {Tecumseh Sparrow} Spivet [which bummer now cost two-fifth of what I paid for it in a real bookshop as opposed to the haphazard one that can’t arrange books properly].
Well maybe not in the league of T.S Spivet but definitely one where Da Vinci meets Einstein meets John Nash in a very wannabe manner.

It was jammed packed with flow charts.
I think in flow charts. But I think flow charts are ugly the moment ink meets paper. In my mind, they are fabulous… and it ends there aesthetic wise.
Diagrams and pictorial presentations rocks for me.
I sure am still a stone-age, neolithic babe if you like [running around naked at this age too! in search of the towel I had forgotten to fetch to the bath!]
In any case, this has come in handy.
Not the lack of memory, but the graphical representations I love and make.

Back to my MYR 2.90 ring notepad…

It must be magical.
Travel plans flows with it. A process that seems to have a live of its own. When process flow charts meets calendar collides and sketches ensues across pages … wriggly lines, boxes, arrows and scribes that makes sense when Lonely Planet don’t.

Speaking of LP, I bought a copy of China recently.
errr… under normal circumstances [i.e. back in the day when the MYR 2.50 ring notepad existed], buying China is unexplainable; notwithstanding the fact that the Silk Road and Trans Siberia covers a large part of China.

But in the case of the recent acquisition, there was no momentary lapse of sanity on my part.
But one where I simply ran out of options after sniffing and eye balling 15 selves of travel guide books in the proper bookstore. Yes, one hour it had taken me, standing on my feet in the evening which translates to swollen and fighting the restrictive goddamn Ferragamo … or was it those deadly looking pointy Dolce that could serve as a murder weapon?

See, it was just 4 hours earlier that I had bought Frommers Turkey.
Frommers Turkey as it turned out at 6 p.m. did not have a section on UrfaŞanlıurfa, Mount Nemrut, Harran … 
Mentally kicking myself and hypnotically repeating “idiot idiot idiot” for:

ONE not insisting on opening the goddamn plastic cling wrap around the copy to check before procuring

TWO not ordering and waiting for the LP version on Turkey

I fished out the receipt from the bag…

………….the words “NO REFUND” bore and burned my eyeballs.

‘Oh what the heck!’ I thought.
‘I’d just buy the downloadable version of LP online.’

And with that, I logged onto LP’s website.
{shriekHorror or delightful, it turned up with the same results. No UrfaŞanlıurfa, Mount Nemrut, Harran …

Promptly I shut my PC at work. Chuck both the PC and Mac into the cupboards along with all my working files and locked it. Then I made my way across the street to the real bookshop, not feeling the slightest discomfort of those inappropriate who-on-earth-invented-those-footware!

Exchange of non-meanigful and unintelligent convo volleyed to and fro between me and the customer service representative on the “NO REFUND” issue that was seriously tiring me down until she uttered the magical words of: company policy.

ah ha!
My neurotransmitters sprung into action and synapses dance a gig of pure rejoice.
My tongue clicked into action and calmly I countered her argument with a satisfied smile that was extended 10 nanoseconds longer than necessary for dramatic effect before verbalizing these words:

‘well, here’s the thing. I could tear a page out of the book, rendering it ‘defective’. And since torn/missing pages, misprints and ineligible words falls nicely in the category of refundable, you’ll have no choice to refund me my money and write off a book which was just seconds before perfect to be sold to someone else. 

So, your call really. You either agree to my reasonable request of exchanging it and paying the difference, if any, or forfeiting the balance, if any.’

Needless to say, you know the outcome of it as I ended up with a China LP rather than the Frommers Turkey.

But why China?
Like you, I am equally puzzled.
But more puzzling was despite the 15 shelves selection of travel guide books available for sale, there was not a single LP that caught my fancy. Not one that I wanted; i.e. 

ONE not one country that I’ve not yet gone to [extensively or otherwise]

TWO not one country that I’m desperately dying [hence likely] to visit in the next 2 years

THREE many countries that I have no desire to go to

And with that, I contemplated over two choices; both were on opposites shelves from one another – akin to foes ready to strike while I, the referee, stood in the centre deciding between the two: India or China.

Not wanting to be ridiculous and possibly defeated by a now swollen beyond recognition feet, China was the choice. Blardee thing cost me an addition 54% top-up … and really, depending on my hormonal mix, China is one country that falls in both category “TWO” and “THREE” above! 

But seriously, who needs 2 India LP? {different editions notwithstanding}


3 thoughts on “some things just are …

  1. ha hanice write up but hey, remember the thing you always say about 'don't hate something/someone so much as god has his ways to get back at you'watch it may end up living in

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