Work Diary: its not all about sugar and spice and everything nice


If you’ve seen a number of cars spotting this sticker, especially around the Klang Valley, well here’s why:
after 5 years of hard {but fun} work, we were crowned Malaysia’s Top 10 Best Employers
I had wanted to say something about this since 31st March 2011 … but … 
Procrastinator? Probably not the reason though I am one.
Forgetful more like it.
So, before I forget and not have any FREE internet connectivity in Grand Hyatt, Wan Chai Hong Kong*, I thought I’d blog about this and set it on scheduled release on 2:22pm 22nd June 2011 … that’s when we are no longer bounded to the confidentiality clause we signed off earlier this month. 
But before I ‘jump’ into the announcement, bare with me as I self indulge in more musings …
  • FREE internet connectivity is mutually exclusive with overpaid multiple star-ed hotels
  • FREE internet connectivity, FREE parking, FREE sound effects, FREE highly suspecting olfactory, FREE bed bugs … FREE, FREE, FREE seems to be thrown in with cheap hotels that tries to convince us that they are worthy of some stars.  
Speaking of FREE, FREE, FREE … we at Al Rajhi Bank tend to have mastered it. Our employer promises {amongst others} are:
{more so after 6 p.m. when the centralized air-condition has called it the day, whilst your day is just mid-way through} 
WORKlife balance
{this one needs no introduction – it’s a Bank dude! What did you think?!? duuhhh…} 
personal development
{oh yeah, more and more work especially in a lateral role which you have no clue (more so when you’re doing super well in your existing role)… but more importantly it’s your PERSONAL problem/challenge/issue to get over! How more personal can that be in terms of development?!? ;p}

social NETWORK
{social gets as social as it does within the DMZ network line}
wellness … DIET!
{breakfast meetings, work-through lunch meetings, tea talks, (blank), snooze}

And if one doesn’t toll the line, one is met with a hoarse, hearty-deep-throat-lined-with-sarcasm laugh. Prolonged laughter is hardly a trait as round pegs are quickly crushed and either they crumble and get brushed off to the streets {voluntarily mostly} or they shaped up and fit the square hole quickly.
It’s really as simple as that!
But having said all of the above and being brutally honest about it during the interview and recruitment process, those that made it are {miraculously}
And in our CEO’s words:
…………………………….{as well as some others … pour moi included!}

and yo! yo! yo! yes, listen up … {drum roll} …
Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia is 
APAC Best Employers for 2011

L to R: Edouard Merette (Chief Executive Officer, AON Hewitt Consulting, APAC), Penelope Gan (Vice President – Rewards and Organisational Development, Al Rajhi Bank)
and Jenat Bax-Sameer (Director – Human Resources, Al Rajhi Bank)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – .
a miraculous feat? NOPE
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 
we have seriously a gr8 time at Al Rajhi Bank
{hard work, hard challenges derives PLAY!, accolades and loads of knowledge}
we have gr8 communication and activities that bridges the generational differences between Gen-Y and the no-know-{dino}saur-ous
we have gr8 managers who lost their {word} mincers along the way
{harsh, truthful, fair and timely feedback}
we are gr8 at stating and managing expectation
{if in doubt, read our employer’s promises again ;p}
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 
a big congratulations and BIG-ger thank you to all my ‘family’, friends and colleagues in Al Rajhi Bank for making it 5 fun-filled and meaningful years of my career and supporting my personal holistic development …  



.*A big thanks! to my boss for forgoing her Business Class entitlement and allowing me to tag along  for the award ceremony… 

14 thoughts on “Work Diary: its not all about sugar and spice and everything nice

  1. Thanks for the scout offer and moral support. Yeah, after the Mac I'll get brand new lah.No hurry really. May not even want to shoot any more after all of this nonsense! I've stopped shooting NGOs for 1 year plus oredi anyways … another bunch of annoying people.Our local shops also annoying lah.Typical business leaches.

  2. Oh by the way, Stanley Street you got to be careful but its way better than the Golden Mile on TST which is the cheapest.Our local shops not giving you good deals? You want me to scout 2nd hands or not? I don't think so after the Mac debacle!!! ha ha ha

  3. Aiyah whoever that person is just ignore. Kaki busuk and buruk siku people every where.Be thick skin and return it when you are done. If it were me I'll totally ignore the person. So annoying. Is this one of the rich hobbist who has more gear than decent output???

  4. no bonus lah. this is the bonus – no, I only got a soft shutter release in the shape of a laud bug for my M6. had i known the guy who loaned me the gear was gonna remind me weekly what gear of his i had, i would have bought lah.don't understand people.guess its true when …someone says, "you can trust me" it means he's gonna cheat you.someone says, "seriously, no strings attached" it means this is a prelude to get into your pantssomeone says, "take you time. I don't need it" it means i am not using it but i am going to enjoy every moment of the power imbalance and rub your nose to the gritSigh!I'll get my gear sorted when I have the time and extra dole.At this point I don't even know if I really want to continue shooting.

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