Travel Diary: my Indian connection refuses to let up …

……………….… even in the land where po tong hua and Renminbi {has un/fortunately begun to} rule. 
But who would have thought that the authorize distributor of jadoo {magic} box in my part of the world is in Hong Kong?
And who would have thought that there’s a large Indian and Pakistani community in and around Hong Kong to support the demand of a  jadoo {magic} box?
Lastly, who would have thought that {exorbitant telephone roaming} conversations will begun with “assalamualaikum” to an Ahmad across Aberdeen Bay on behalf of an Ahmed in Kuala Lumpur?


And such was the case for me that spanned over 50 hours, sourcing and negotiating over the sale and door-to-door delivery for 3 sets of jadoo {magic} boxes … nearly jeopardizing my outings, which even a warning 3 typhoon was not able to influence.
Ironically, I learnt quickly that the translation for  jadoo {magic} has a sinister twist to the word “magic”.
Living up to its name, the unit itself comes with some twist.
Technically {between reluctant and tightly gritted teeth} one can say that the jadoo {magic} box is a good buy at USD 300 per pop if :
  • you are terribly desperate for Indian and Pakistani channels
  • you are one who’s in for quantity and not quality
  • you live in a land of high speed internet connection {at least 5-10 Mbps download} that {for whatever no good reason} does not have cable / satellite tv streaming of Indian and Pakistani channels
  • you would die without live/delayed telecasts of ALL cricket matches
Caveats should be written all over the box though that this is a jadoo {sinisterly magical} box – much like those blackened lung, hole in trachea, brain oozing out of deformed under weight fetus on cigarette boxes that seems to disturb every non-smoker only – to avoid the countless numbers of Desi’s desire to hunt and haunt the inventor of the jadoo {magic} box whenever:
  • the channels go in and out on a daily to hourly basis
  • incomprehensible url shows up when one attempts to download a channel on jadootv’s website
  • the “buffering … gibberishgibberish …” shows up on the tv screen mid point of a tight cricket match!

Oh well, in any case, it’s plain simple: mission accomplished for me.
I shall do a handover soon enough and whatever magic or “magic” ensues … it ain’t mine!

I’m happy enough watching the classic movies send by friends or bought in India.
As for cricket, gone were the days where I could kick back with an ice tea in my lounge after a BBQ in the backyard hooting for Ponting and wishing Shane Warne would stop being such as pain in the area I can’t say here. And needless to say my world would be at the height of the greatest IN-equilibrium as if the typhoons, tornadoes, earthquakes and what not had hit simultaneously when the Indian team played with the Australian – {sigh} “tough choice” is an understatement.
So thank god for limited cricket now.
Thank goodness for limited time on hand now.
And lastly it must be some jadoo {magic} at work that I no longer do BBQs!


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
By the way, if you have any inclinations to get a jadoo {magic} box for yourself, the distributor is at:
Vu Magic Asia Pacific
Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
(mobile numbers, but reliable – do a COD with these guys – they are not desperate to sell, so forget being typically Malaysian by asking for discounts and playing the “tarik harga” game)

Channels Available :
(subject to your connection and changes by jadoo tv)
Sony TV
DD India
DD sports
B4U Movies and Music

Star News
Aaj Tak
Times Now
ET News

Zee cinema
Set Max
Some other bollywood movie channel

Ten Sports


some Gujarati Natak – FM Stations from India
some Telugu/Tamil channels

Pakistani channels which I’m not familiar with  
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

4 thoughts on “Travel Diary: my Indian connection refuses to let up …

  1. So, work or not?Aiyah, Masjid Jamek a lot mah. why bother buying and bringing back?What's the deal with cricket man? All you pishy poshy boarding school brats!!!!lolBen

  2. yeah – consulting firms too – cheaper expats mah.:)how was the talk BTW on 22nd?Sorry ah… had mentally told myself to email you my regrets – had to go collect the award (blogged below) in Hong Kong on same day.and of course HK and Grand Hyatt was more appealing lah!!!!roflsorry dude.

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