me? home early? ha! yeah rite!!!

Thought I should pen something down quick before  2 weeks of hectic back-to-back of

– a repeated rhythm starts again.
I hate it. I love it.
It’s both scary and exhilaration.
It’s adventurous and fun.
It’s exhausting and dull.
In any case, yesterday was the day.
Armed with my phone, I’m going to
Not a live show, reality show, contest show person generally, but I have always been enthralled by grunge, funk, punk, underground. 
I mean, I swear by the God of graffiti, if you hadn’t known. [read HERE
And if I won my first lotto {yeah, I gotta buy the tix first – i know. i know. i know – please stop nagging me on this!}, I’d buy a piece of mortar with his stenciled spray paint mark. The Banksy mark.
As for now, I am to be content with the photos I have taken on his work. 
hmmmm… maybe I should just call off all the exotic vacation spots and head off to Bristol…
So the plan yesterday was to get off work early. And by early its means leaving before 9 p.m.
See, I gotta rush home for Showdown 2011, blow some 100 ringgit or more voting for ELECOLDXHOT (ECX).
ECX epitomizes ingenuity. 
They supersede talent.
They define genius in a mad brilliant way. 
Simply put, they create simply out of this world creations. The unexpected. The surreal. The unimaginable.
It makes you appreciate what ‘blowing your brains’ means.
And everything is executed to perfection.
Every single second counts. Make that micro seconds. Nano seconds.
Dissecting every piece of track and interpreting every beat.
Does ground me a lot.
These bunch of weird looking boys.
Does make me strive harder. 
Oh yeah, makes my creations, my output, lame.
Hence, pushes me week after week to endanger every other person on the roads’ lives … as I do my morning and night brain gym by driving with my left hand!
The problem with live show voting is  the most popular person/group or simply the person/group who is able to ‘connect’ with the audience and get them to blow their monies wins.
There is no correlation between talent and winning.
And the entire ‘business’ gets disgustingly murky when the emotional blackmail and sympathy vote card is thrown onto the table.
The other issue is this:
Judges faces are often not the people’s.
Defiance perhaps.
Though I am convinced its a subconscious power play and the feel good factor of having the power play and the feel good factor of having the power shift from judges to ‘me’ {the audience}.
Last but not least of course is a fact that has been known to humankind since humankind existence: 
people like the underdogs!
Yes, even void of underdogs or the emergence of the dark horse factor … even sadly in a situation where mundane mediocrity exists, people hates those that stands head and shoulders above the rest.
And yes, this is the case with ECX … and oh yeah, it doesn’t help when there’s fine line separating arrogance and confidence … so depending on which side of the line you stand on, ECX either rubs you the wrong way or not. 
Alas, they definitely don’t inspire sympathy votes.
Hence, nutty me needs to do my part!
{if you are at all remotely interested here they are … ELECOLDXHOT}

Audition Video
Live Show Week 1

Live Show Week 2


Live Show Week 3


Live Show Week 4


Live Show Week 5 {my favorite}


Live Show Week 6


Live Show Week 7


Live Show Week 8 {magical}


Live Show Week 9 


Live Show Week 10 – FINALE I


Live Show Week 10 – FINALE II

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