Travel Diary: insanely paranoid? on being on the road

LOCATION: Airport Lounge

SMS: dying need 2 share my learned observatn of men @ airport lounges @ tis ungodly hr: men r bloody unGODly awful as they age. Bologna pork sausages! xoxo pretty me”
It was then circa 4:23am his local time. 
It was a hot sizzling midday revelation made amidst the sweltering heat and resulting wet patches underarms and BO emitted by people walking in and out of the airport lounge door. It was an eureka type moment that has to be shred pronto – civic mindedness abandoned long before I hit the green phone receiver icon button.

Few hours ensued and I received the sms reply … this time sent at an ungodly hour for me.
Karma as they say, but what the heck!
I don’t sleep well in hotels even if I am spoilt with choices of pillow types.
[note to self: try out the buckwheat pillow the next time – read that is smells like toasty hay]

many, many hours later …
LOCATION: Airport Lounge
SITUATION: Flight delayed!

hmmmm…. flight delays and I are just synonymous for those who knows me long enough and had traveled with me for work and the occasional vacation.
It doesn’t let up with miles earned under my belt or age; so it seems.

My thoughts wander off as I read about the Mumbai blast. Numbly my fingers work the small keypad on the phone to see if he’s still alive. The ringing tone goes on for what seems like eternity though I know it’s not. I left a message and hung up wondering if it will be one of the many messages left that would never be retrieved. Knock wood. I note the world we current live in, with or without the IRA-s, the Osama-s of the world and even the odd balls like Ted Kaczynski.
Oh, nonsense. I will hear from him in a few hours. He still has 8 more lives, given he survived Leopold the last time… a twisted joke that reliefs the pressure and trauma. Speaking of trauma, I had learned that each of us would react and behave differently; some times in ways just beyond anyone’s comprehension on CNN as a result of the verdict of Casey Anthony’s case. {read HERE – I am not here to discuss the verdict – there are enough blogs, sites, social network doing it, and besides, US juridicial system is so different from ours – so, there … }

Back to mr. 9 lives, I tried distracting myself and in a state of blankness I found myself staring at a two-headed albino snake that lives in Ukraine’s zoo. I hate snakes. There’s no word to describe the animosity I’d have for one that has two heads!

True, my phobia had eased up when I had to chose between a dead “coil” or a bloated “coil” that takes the shape of my dog – yes, the late honorable lord rover – when I was just about to enter my pubescent era, but let’s just say I don’t obligingly entertain the idea of looking at snakes much less reading about them.

But I read the article, followed by News Corp latest debacle, getting a tat confused with James Murdoch’s photo staring back at me. Firstly, that photo has an uncanny resemblance of Eminem – not because I am Eminem nuts, but … it really did strike me such. Secondly, isn’t he dead? says my head. Did he not commit suicide? Or was it James Packer? (Jnr?)

Boredom got me reading every leaf – something I don’t do.

Newspapers are depressing and frivolous, if not jammed pack with paid advertisements and advertorials.

I don’t watch much of CNN. BBC, CNBC, or Al Jazeera either. It’s really about whoever’s “voice” in power or control. It gets even more despicable these days with blatant chase of revenue and ratings evident in insensitive and over dramatization of news / events / issues coverage, often with heavily edited point of view.

Take the recent Bersih rally. 
I had been asked time and time again on the severity and my emotional state.
what emotional state?
At the eve of the proposed rally date, I was still rushing off some last minute work and had a nice meal in a boutique hotel to wind down before heading out of the brightly and colorful lit streets that was clear of traffic. Other than the fact that I could literally lie on the intersection of Jalan Ampang and Jalan Yap Kwan Seng without the risk or fear of being squashed spluttered into a “yellow” line, nothing was amidst. 
Kuala Lumpur was not deserted. 
Nor did it have a heavy eerie air that hung low.
People were still in gyms, catching movies, dining and shopping. 
Perhaps we are the younger generation who are far removed from the reality and memories of May 13th.
Nonetheless, one thing is for sure for me.
Fear was the last thing I felt.
Annoyance was very high on the list and gets to boiling point when faced with the inconvenience and traffic congestions due to the road blocks by the ruling government.

Were we KL-lites in a state of emergency? NO
We were just deprived the freedom of enjoying our city.

Was KL a total lockdown? NO
We Al Rajhi-ans still had our sports games on that Saturday in Puchong!
Our general views?
Indifferently mostly – as far as it goes for the people I have chatted with across all socioeconomic group; taxi drivers and limo drivers making a disproportionate size of my not-so-random sampling, as they happened to be the ‘strangers’ I’ve been meeting most off late and confined to at least 1 hour 15 minutes to and fro airports.
The way I view it: even if a single soul had not showed up at the designated spot where the rally was to be held {next time, they should try mob gathering!}, the very attempt of organizing one which had resulted in the ruling Government’s reaction, the airtime it had gained was a ‘victory’.
It was a ‘victory’ in many sense, but noted, a ‘victory’ that carries different definition and meaning to each different person or segment. 
On a personal level, having read Government (Political Science) as one of my major and pursuing my MBA in International Trade (where government, treaties, law etc. dominates the curriculum), it refreshes the intellectual thought I had realized back then:

regardless of the political philosophy, each has its merits. 
The devil does not lie in a framework or philosophy blue print. 
The devil lies in the hands of the implementors.
As for my emotional state … good grief, who are you kidding?!?!? They are all the same! Those in power that is. Haven’t we not learned anything from history? From ancient civilization and empires – ways before the Hitties (c4000 – 3000BC) to today … men in power have megalomania tendencies … 
which thanks to it, we have grandiose chipped off pieces of stone objects strewn across the world for us to classify as UNESCO heritage sites and to visit … the physical reminders of both our human strength and achievement, as well as our weaknesses and destruction.
If this appears on my blog, I have survived this atrociously bumpy flight with countless of free falls that’s making me puke-y and all … ziggly lines on my RM2.90 spiral bound notebook – yay! I finally found 6 of them in a small town stationery shop, discolored and dusty, but what the heck! I bought all 6 at RM2.90 each. 

If I don’t make it and this RM2.90 notebook miraculously survive {who the heck am I kidding?!?!} … I love you mommy, Val, mr.B, Becks, dad, YOU, and all my inanimate objects … xoxo

Oh, remember to scatter my ashes in that blow hole along the Great Ocean Road! 

P/S 2: 

I obviously made it.
Puke-y and all … rushed to work for another meeting till 8-ish pm. Headed home at 10-ish pm. And off for another briefing session this morning till 3-ish.
Life it appears goes on … it doesn’t {pause} a moment.

Back to the roads again next week!
3 more outstation location and I’m done.

P/S 3:: 

SMS received“all is well jaan. smoochies!!!

My Mumbai friend is down to 7 lives! 


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