its possible to be utterly in L0V3 with metal …


… and many many pieces of metal as well.
I had wanted that hotel with the private jacuzzi in each room. The one that I have always stayed in when visiting this state. 
Well, there’s two of them – sister hotels so to speak, which in the pre-recession pre-tsunami days was constructed as high end condominiums facing the sea but aborted when the recession hit and the property market soften. To turn it around for quick bucks, they were both transformed to hotels; one more luxurious than the other and further back from the sea.
Not knowing the history behind its refurbishment and why the one on the prime site was decked up worse with some office blocks and shops created at the lower floors, it didn’t matter that staying in the nicer one would mean pinched and blistered feet just to get to the Bank’s branch; while checking into the lesser one would have meant taking the elevator down and wah lah{ting} I’m in the branch. 
In any case none of this is material, since we’d forgotten to put in a reservation earlier. Consequently, we had to settle for the “regular” hotel by the once Taiwanese transportation tycoon’s chain; one that nearly went busted with the avian flu outbreak and SARs back-to-back. 
One that growing up I had admired and requested for a 40′ container as my 18th birthday present – yes, I am a tat weird if you’d not noticed.
Of course I didn’t get a 40 footer container as my birthday present… on hindsight it would probably be in some abandoned yard today with homeless people and stray dogs making it their home.
And thus, I am no tycoon.
Well, besides being ordinary and “regular” {only because it didn’t have the lovely suite like layout and a private jacuzzi – that I won’t be using anyways, given that I probably use the one at home 3 times a year only}, this hotel is also decked in alpine green carpet and cherry red wood furniture. Coupled with a pathetic spread and taste the  buffet breakfast had to offer – and note, note this is important as it’s my one big meal for the day before I hit the road again and live on isotonic drinks – I have no complains primarily due to … 
  1. complimentary broadband – yahoo! a record first for a 5 star hotel
  2. there were a sea of my metal LOV3RS in the car park when I returned from the Branch at 10-ish pm
Needless to say I was elated … floating in cloud 9.
With baby Leland as my wing man, we drove around each and every Defender, Freelander, Discovery and Range Rover … first trying to identify where they came from – all of which were decked with fancy local number plates – assorted states but no more than 2 alpha and 3 numbers in their combination.
With a tinge of jealousy and anger, I had wondered why was I not invited in this convoy – my ability to partake in the road trip was besides the point.  
Upon further ‘investigation’ both baby Leland and I noted the reoccurring car sticker they had which read:
 “Hong Kong Land Rover Owners Club”
Next, baby Leland and I checked out the cool accessories on the Defenders … plus the signs of off road use on the Discovery 3s, Discovery 4s and Range Rovers… my heart skipped a beat as I approach every Discovery … ahhh … the L0V3R of choice. As the minutes ticked by … I swear I didn’t need my room and bed any more. Camping beside them would have made my day … well, until there were signs of those persky “little beings” existence in the vehicles!
Yes, it’s true.
Every convoy I had gone to, I’d end up being the only single person … the only single lady … the only single lady driver.
This fact was reaffirmed some 8 hours later at the breakfast buffet …
and if its any consolation, the men were carrying with them excess luggage of varied forms including visceral fat; i.e. sufferers of acute abdominal obesity (aka colloquially as  ‘pot belly’ or by Penelope’s definition: bologna pork sausages!!!)

And so, it’s back to me being solo.
And my baby Leland being solo too …

… being the terrific2 conquering the impossible including being crowned “best 4×4 driver” in the not-so-recent Land Rover Coterie we had participated.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
the terrific@ it …
{ahem! part, showing off. part, evidence}


Yeah, that’s my baby’s code name.
Queuing up for his turn for a dip in a river at Janda Baik.

and my baby Leland emerges!!! without spluttering, ‘coughing’ or ‘sneezing’ … good boy!
{psst…. note the OKU – orang kurang upaya / handicapped – sticker!!!}

me driving the Defender through rougher terrain – taking the photo above from the driver’s seat while waiting for the crew to hook on the winch

… winch-ing the vehicle in front that was stuck in a mud ditch … 
I made it down this track with a 45 degree 12 feet drop TWICE without a glitch!
{hey, they don’t crown you 4×4 Best Driver for nothing ok… sheeesh!!!! of course being the only lady driver gave it the edge and all the WOW! effect. So to the guy above … rofl … SUCKER! LOSER! muah whah hah hah … :p}

hmmmm… if it were mine … number 10 that is, it would only see the streets of Kuala Lumpur, lobby of Pavillion and my garage.

… my baby Leland (number 06) is waiting in queue – 3rd one on right – to go down a slippery muddy terrain before crossing the river back to higher ground.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



5 thoughts on “its possible to be utterly in L0V3 with metal …

  1. u really generous huh? send yr baby to the rough terrains…lol. i wont, i will shampoo it everyday and only run it on roads without potholes…if i drive a LR lahh, that is.

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