H.I.T hit me with a dose of reality

“you’ve got the most convoluted view of India”

he protested.
“anyone who shares a parameter fence with Mr. Airtel in a property overlooking 90 acres of gardens with 15th Century tombs right smack in the priciest neighborhood in Delhi and buys plum peaches at twice the daily wage of a sardine packed train station’s coolie per fruit does not know the reality of India.”

“ohhh. uh.”
“ok. you win!” 
was all I could muster in reply.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
So there.
There goes my idealistic day dream of being part of a large conglomerate or back to consulting.
Maybe it was a result of too much idiot box exposure over the last few days.
Mostly Indian paid (satellite) channels that was not showing cricket.
It all started with me squealing with delight and gigling with amusement over an advert – a much needed emotion after all the emotional throes and misfortune I had gone through lately. See, I was tickled by the cheekiness and naughty 3G advert by IDEA on Population Control, that drives a message through as well.

simply brilliant! a brilliant IDEA

H.I.T thinks its totally silly though…
psst… that’s coz he hates? {is envious of?} Abhishek Bachchan, but apparently he’s not alone, judging by this other comment left by the youtube viewer:
if someone would have given this idea to amithabh bachan 40 yreas ago…..we shoudnt have suffer his idiot son… 
Being a supporter of clean and green energy, coupled by the fact that the slew of small luxury hotels I had been in were decked up with recycled and reusable packaging and containers, renewable energy facilities – utilization of solar power by day and power grid by night, and rain water harvesting system, I was totally drawn by green initiatives undertaken by the likes of TATA and Birla that was shown on the idiot box. Like all wide-eyed hopeful expectant candidates, I was sold by both the company’s corporate social responsibility spew and the image they had projected (needless to say oblivious of the real on goings in the organisation).  

But I took comfort over the fact that I’ve worked with two expats from TATA not too many years ago.
brilliant! is the only adjective suitably accorded.

And only a few months ago I had spoken to Birla’s Carbon Black CEO-cum-Birla Group Human Resources Director in Grand Hyatt, Wan Chai.
brilliant! brilliant!
Not only did Mr Carbon Black CEO-cum-Birla Group Human Resources credentials and the awards conferred to him ran over two A4 pages in a neatly typed out Times Font Size 11 with single spacing, his responses were by far the best amongst all the panelist which comprises a large international consulting firm’s Managing Director, one of China’s most profitable and fastest growing IT company founder-CEO-Chairman and a South American notable social entrepreneur. Simply logical, pragmatic, witty and relaxed – I couldn’t help but stare all wide-eyed in admiration only to mentally kick myself for not even possessing 20% of his quality; confidence, coherence, charisma and intellect.
However, more importantly, it is because the dream job I wanted – advertised on this global consulting website – sits in London and India; with the latter hiring at a more suitable seniority than the former. Knowing that I had worked with the current newly appointed Managing Director for India in this global consulting firm only 9 months ago on a project with my Bank, it did seem like a brilliant IDEA.
Nonetheless, despite H.I.T’s initial reaction towards my ‘sexy’, snazzy, sassy, (stupid?) idea of sending my documents to India, he humoured me and went through the normal drill…
  • Personal Tax scale – HIGH!!! {or either H.I.T is handsomely paid!}
  • Employee Provient Fund and other statutory contributions.
  • {expat} Housing – nope, not the standard in which Mr. Airtel and Cabinet Ministers are your neighbors, but decent and modern ones which H.I.T bought {he must be seriously paid the big M&Ms!!!}
  • Car and running costs.
… the major expenses that one gets exposed to once ink is committed to the employment letter dotted lines.
After much thought or rather the clocking of air time, it became increasingly evident that my  brilliant IDEA was crumbling.

So yes, H.I.T hit me with a dose of reality … and with that I somberly grit my teeth, gave a tiny pout, slightly slumped shoulders and when on with the daily throes of life with the recent change in guards.  



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