the (faulty) cell phone, the chauffeur and the rockstar…

Finally some breather. Well, we were instructed to take a walk in the nearby woodlands. Reflective time. Meditative. Getting closer to yourself … so it seems.
Without my Mac for eons now and hence zilt connectivity to the world, with the exception of hoarding the otherwise eerily empty and abandoned hotel on the hills in Kandy a week or more back, I headed to the building that promises the wider world with great purpose in my stride. Quickly scanning the room for a refuge (rather hideout), I found one by the window and wished I have a camera to take the streaming ray of lights coming through the full length glass panes. OK, not exactly the beauty of the sun rays I can imagine poking its way through the foliage and the crisp air and sound of leaves being crush by my weight, but this is great! This is my utopia… and well, of cause I took a hiatus and went astray looking for some ‘entertainment’ and bought a plastic toy.
I am done with real cameras.
Having my dry cabinet cleared twice in a span of less than 3 months apart is a very strong message from the Heavenly Gods that I, Penelope, should not be shooting any more.
The worse part is, I am now in a HUGE debt, having the dry cabinet being stocked up with borrowed gear (some of which was offered willingly, others coerced into parting with theirs temporarily) meant for my Sri Lanka trip. Alas that went, and I saw myself with a set of Canon gears … clumsy and impossible especially during the Esala Perahera which only visible lights were those fairy Christmas mini bulbs draped over the elephants and the mini fire torch carried by torch bearers 100 yards apart, with me seated some 100 yards or more away from them.
I wished I had undergone the Photo Uncle Lim 101 Boot Camp drill before I left.  
This entails sitting in my semi lit bedroom meddling with the various camera knobs and buttons blind folded.
This, trust me is really very good 101 to know your camera instantaneously and being able to handle them fast in action pack moment.
This, is essential – insomuch as oxygen – when you shoot 4% of the time in the year only … where your camera is not second nature and not an extended limb.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
I am frankly very bored here.
Cocooned by a bunch of kiasu people outsmarting one another. It’s still very much a testosterone zone; so much for more women representation at the senior leadership level, thus the ego are flying around like countless of insane tornadoes colliding in each other’s path.
This is really annoying … just when I thought I was done with Case Study back in MBA days.
I think my tolerance wears down as I age.
I think my brain cuddles up like bad yogurt or sour milk at the sight of text books with thickness suggest that it has been designed purely as an alternative bug hitting tool or a defense mechanism for ladies provided they have been training in the gym with dumbbells.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
News from home hasn’t been encouraging. the chauffeur left … to be a rock star.
It’s all because of the phone.
The enabler. The one mechanism that has made all these overnight youtube, reality tv a reality for the hopefuls.
It was a faulty cell phone.
My mom had given him on his request, only to regret days later upon discovering that all it took was MYR 80 to get it fix.
It is now a painful reminder of how it all started…. the rock star dream.
He had recorded his originals on it.
Miraculously (almost like a bad dream), someone actually took interest in it and gave him a MYR 6,000 cheque for it with the agreement of copyright and that got him him going into the studio for recording in an obsure, off the beaten track town.
For weeks thereafter, he blossomed into a crooning bumble bee, humming endlessly with a preoccupied mind and an exhausted body which begs for more rest.
Eventually with only 2-3 hours a night of rest, tardiness became a nagging problem, of which we had lived with it. After all, it is difficult to find a hardworking, naive, undemanding chauffeur.
His absent mindedness became a concern and very soon his long ‘disappearance’ on trips assigned to with my niece in the backseat became intolerable.
That was when a chat was due.
That was when he decided he’d rather be a rock star …
It’s all because of a (faulty) cell phone.
One that mom’s regrets and cries over spilt milk twice.

4 thoughts on “the (faulty) cell phone, the chauffeur and the rockstar…

  1. wah… cheapskate kiam siap actually loan you his gear?!???lol – joking only ok… though how come I only get free teh tarik?Anyway, your life is really colourful. You should think of writing a book or producing some teledramas. Not kidding.

  2. @Ben – yar loh. Dunno lah. Sell one track and decides that's it! But who knows he may be the next Bieber … and imagine this, he once chauffeured me!!! lol@PF – the weight was killing. Didn't help that I worked out in the gym every day. Stamina was there, though I suspect it was the adrenalin that got me going and sustaining. Couldn't lift up both my arms after 6 hours of solid shooting.Oh by the way, you are right. YOUR camera projection was very short by all standards (minus the ang mohs and sprinkling of japanese with P&S or camcorders). The serious safari guys – veterans? or "equipment" complexity was at least 300mm lah with extenders and what ever not. Phew, luckily no cammouflage – but seriously when you are in jeeps, do you seriously think the elephants and leopards can't tell you are there?!???? :)

  3. Aiya, it's a matter of getting use to it though I think your major challenge was the combined weight.Got any nice safari photos or your camera projection was the shortest to get any decent shots?lolWe'll catch up when you come back. So make sure you come back – limbs in tact.

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