{zzz… clack} I am ALIVE. LIBERATED!

I don’t usually do this.
Heck! I am the last person you can count on to bring a camera with me for social events.
And by that I mean family and friends gatherings, birthday celebrations, work-and-play events, and even weddings.
Nuh huh!
It’s totally beyond my vocabulary.
Maybe the thought of bring my ‘plastic toys’ crosses my mind.
But I love my polaroid SX-70 Land camera way too much … and besides it’s over MYR 10 per pop!
With film being so scarce, it’s hard to even think or justify to myself who, what, where deserves a shot! so there they all stay home.
heh heh
But I had the M8.2 in my hands with 3 lenses.
I had to try it.
I mean, I had been itching to try it on for more than 4 hours at work. B…b…but I was at work with a new boss. The retired one would have ignored me … perhaps a sarcastic comment or two, but she’ll mostly ignore me and remind me of datelines later!!!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 
Besides, I was rushing the budget templates.
Noooo. Make that: I was just beginning to motivate myself to start on the budget templates.
Frankly, I was psyching myself up to start the budget templates; else I would need to burn the midnight oil, probably do a shoddy job rushing at the eleventh hour mindful of the need to pack, blog for Scrap-n-Crop.com {one month’s worth of daily blogging to make matters worse!}, attend to some domestic needs, run last minute errands … suddenly remembered I had forgotten to pay some bill that’s across town, had not bought the energy bars yet, can’t find the hiking boots … ya know, that sort of things … those in the exact same category as when your panty hose decides to run seconds before you enter a room filled with very important people you are suppose to impress … or desperately need to be heard and taken seriously, void of having an alternative job or career plan or make that sustenance plan in the pipe line.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 


I had half expected the M8.2 and the lenses not to be delivered.
He is after all the ex-
It is after all the ex-‘s M8.2 and his collection of ‘glasses’.
… oh well, in the normal context of ex- {es}, people generally wished they had an evil magical wand that vanishes them… and in extreme cases dissolve and disintegrate from some caustic matter like acid.
But that’s not the case for us.
He turns up after Friday prayers, and typical of his public English boarding school up bringing, the ‘goodies’ arrived in a Billingman type camera bag with tan leather trimmings that would have matched the Hermes M7 Leica (details HERE); one that I had wanted and spent 3 sleepless nights plotting on ways to convince someone to ‘camp’ out of the Hermes boutique in London before the official launch.
I finally held it some time back this year in Stanley Street, Hong Kong and have to say: “thank god that my diabolical plans often needs a lot more thought and practice!”

It was down right tacky!!! There was something about the leatherette that didn’t seem right. And of course, don’t be silly now, this is not one you’d carry around shooting. It will be one of the many that sits in a collector’s vault … and in many cases never to be taken out of its original packaging as well.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 
In any case, void of any subject matter that would take kindly to me holding up a camera for a few minutes too long {still having issues focusing the range finder – was told that it’s probably deteriorating eyesight rather than equipment or lack of skills}, I shot Val as we were having the rare sister-bonding moments in Ben’s KLCC recently.
Have to say she was really relieved when I ran out of ‘juice’ only to frown and kick a fuss when I produced the spare battery from the bag!!! Respecting her – she is after all the elder one – I shall not post any of the photos of her frowning, lips pouting, or those with her hands up in the air with an exasperated expression… though honestly with even slight moment my output is downright dumpster crap!
Though I have to say when equipped with a  1.1 … it’s not very forgiving to both the skills of the photographer {ahem … yeah, out of focus} and the subject matter – the clarity of imperfection shows!!!
 © p.{Haque}


Bored {when smarty pants Val conceived an escape plan by popping into Kinokuniya to pick up her magazine subscriptions} I took our dinner and the desserts chiller!!!!
Copyright Penelope Gan
mental note: ALWAYS save on the calories – hit the desserts straight away.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 
Despite the ‘imperfections’ and unkind words that have been penned down on the M8.2, I am thoroughly enjoying myself and the experience… a much needed happiness and oomph that has been missing off late!
I feel alive. I am liberated.
Thanks so much – you know who you are!

5 thoughts on “{zzz… clack} I am ALIVE. LIBERATED!

  1. Bankers!!!Honestly you folks should be burned on a stake for not redistributing income and making more than some third world countries' GDP!!!:pHave fun girl.Take lots of great photos – it's a M.2! and make all of us feel like crap. lol

  2. Whokay.FYI my travel partner is carrying the cameras, lens, peripherals and all the other gizmos!!! gizmos are mostly his as well as peripherals.Oh well, the "benefits" of flying Biz Class … all the more power to hand luggage!!!

  3. ha halucky girl.so my canon sudah obsolete?i'd suggest you still bring it along with one small lens just in case to the Balkans.have fun and shoot like crazy ok?it's pixels!!!

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