An Instamatic LEICA?


I’m probably the only person you’ll ever know that produces Instamatic photos with a Leica M8.2.
Maybe the critiques of Leica M8.2 will grab my Instamatic looking output to trash it further … maybe.
But whatever the case is, I honestly LOVE the outcome.
Well, you’re talking to someone who LOVEs her plastics!
I used to have a really macho war photographer who oozes sex appeal – if you’re into huge biceps and big chests, as well as tall, dark and handsome – get me plastics from B+H Photos and have them ship to me together with rolls and rolls of film … of which he shakes his downward angled head, chuckles and go: sheeesh!!!
Yes, I didn’t invent the exclamation “sheeesh”, for those who has been getting the “sheeesh” treatment from me. He did. I plagiarized it.
He’s long gone now. But “sheeesh” along with other memories remains hauntingly clear.
I miss him terribly at times.


Copyright – {p}.Haque – Skopje, Macedonia

And so when I reviewed this photo taken on the street along Holiday Inn in Skopje, Macedonia just at the back of the square where they are constructing a gigantic Alexander the Great with lions similar to that in Trafalgar Square circling the symbollic phallic structure of Alex dedicated to Greece, with a Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe looking structure nearby, I had a momentary pang of sadness, quickly followed by annoyance at how bad I am at handling the Leica-on-loan.
Depressed, I seriously felt like a swan being cast pearls, but thank god I am too broke to have bought it and its on loan. {heh heh}

Later, after a self injected jolt of positivism, I thought: what the heck!
I am going to just start an Instamatic look-alike collection … of which I do have quite a number of variation to contribute to, without the mind blowing cost of assorted films and slides.
Copyright – {p}.Haque – night scape – great for a low grade Korean ghost movie
Copyright – {p}.Haque – very 1950s?

Of course, I had bought some Holga lenses for Nikon dslr some time back, which finally arrived last week when I was away. From having to calm down my anxieties of not receiving them for the longest of time, I am yet to even remove it from its original shipment box that bears the Hong Kong Post Office logo.
I no longer have any use for them; am without any Nikon dslr now.
Thank god for their dirt cheap pricing… as one might expect with moulded plastic.
I’m thinking that  I may just give them away or even have them melted down by the recyclers and still get some justifiable compensation for the plastic.
{chuckles – does remind you of the early days of Skoda – poor Skoda – I still won’t touch them with a pole!}

So rather than mulling and sulking over my crapy Leica output, I’ll say:

“Thank god for my ability to turn Leica digital into Instamatic, thereby saving me the hassle and cost of films and slides.”

The only problem is I can’t control what I create.
But wait a minute, doesn’t that scream INSTAMATIC?!?
Oh yeah, baby.


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