confessions on my L0V3MARKS – Land Rover and Mac


The sms a few mornings ago did it for me.
sms: Evoque is in Msia!!! Spotted at JPJ Putrajaya. Pics now online. 4 door white model.
He meant the 5-door.
I sped dial Land Rover Malaysia demanding why I wasn’t informed … only to be calmed down. The official public launch is not due for 2 weeks and as we speak the invites are being sent out. Oh whatever, just as long as I’m in the list.
My good ol’ sales guy then says, “Do you want me to put your name down for booking and you can come in and decide on the customisation?” to which I retorted, “Oye! You think buy candy meh?”
We’re talking about a Range Rover here.
Not a Power Puff Mighty Ranger toy or something like that.
And definitely not candies that gives a child the same effect in the 1950s.
But in a way he’s right.
The sales man.
No… I still stand by the mantra that: CAR sales men are not to be trusted. Especially those with the “USED” pre-fix.
But in this case, he’s right.
This Range Rover is CHEAP. OK, let me rephrase it.
This Range Rover is by far the cheapest Range Rover there is on the market {excluding the used rickety ones}. Starting at just over RM350+K … man, that’s even cheaper than my all time love – the Discovery – at over RM400+K and a Discovery minds you wears the “Land Rover” badge, this Range Rover is CHEAP.
Also he was not exaggerating nor applying pressure when he said “200 units has been pre-booked. The wait is going to be very long.”
About 3 or maybe 4 months ago, I had gone in to harass them about the impending arrival of the Evoque and back then they had something like 80+ bookings. A few weeks later it came to my attention that my Bank’s Wholesale Director had booked his.


But, I’m a tat hesitant.
{yes, shut your gapping mouth! and read on}
Price tag aside that makes you retrack your steps a tat backwards; the Range Rover Evoque is cheap by relativity, expensive in an absolute sense.
my problem?
I can’t quite reconcile its shape.
Murano meets CRV meets X3 – this is another tragic evolution in the steps of a Honda Civic where the original designs and the designs today bear not a single shred of resemblance at all.
Well, the logical part of the brain says the Evoque was a concept car anyways, and hence never meant to achieve the face-lift or progression of the Range Rover.
But the whiny emotional one laments: still??? It doesn’t look like a Range Rover.
Next, there’s the pricing.
At RM350+K – sure without the bells and whistles – where does it position itself?
And as incredulous as this is going to sound: where’s the exclusivity?!? Every Murano ah beng {apology to my friend who drives one} owner is going to so call upgrade.
The Range Rover image is just going to be diluted!
This is very much like the sorry state Apple is in now {in my personal humble opinion}.
Perhaps not the best topic to get into now as everyone continues to moan and groan over the high probability that their fingers will soon be defunct – oops! I meant the passing of an iconic figure and founder of Apple.
But bear with me …
I have always been an Apple fan and user – the computer that is.
We used to (in the 70s and 80s) pay a ridiculous premium with blind fate that the machine will work {limited support} and in a defiant moronic way proceed to hold our head high and mutter that we Mac-ians are superior when nothing ‘talked’ to our machines and any output on our machines played on the mainstream PCs turns in gibberish pixels. This of course does not even take into account that we kidded ourselves for the longest time that we didn’t need all the frivolous and hopeless array of software, games and applications floating legally and illegally in the open and black market. Given that there were just a handful of us idiots out there, naturally we didn’t have the virus problem our PC counterparts had – but seriously, what commercial market would there be to sell us {idiotic morons} anti-viruses anyways???
So, in any case, with the proliferation of the successful i-gadgets that caught the world’s imagination and stretched the man on the streets logic of wanting something they didn’t even know they wanted {not, needed} designs have been vamped up to be slicker, smaller, lighter and more appealing. Abundance of applications {regardless of its real utility and relevance} were developed and every person on this face of the earth was in ‘power’ and ‘control’ of his destiny; partnering Apple and customising what they think they need and want.
Great machines became cool gadgets that quickly evolved into a rite of passage in modern society across 3 generations; from toothless cataract ridden bent old folks spotting tattoo imagery of Betty Boop Biker Silicon casing to toddlers regressing back to the dark ages tracing alphabet with their finger tips rather than writing with writing instruments and receiving oral education from a well fed cat that has taken over the place of a formal and trained tutor.
None of this frankly bothered me and I for one would openly admit that I am living in such a household, but own nothing more than a 17” MacBook Pro with SSD myself … purely because I NEED it.
What bothered me is the quality and robustness of the machine built these days.
I was perfectly happy with a machine void of illuminating keyboard and graphic cards that makes the pixel images better than the real 3D object in front of me.
I was competent without the need of all the swipe of a finger, two fingers, three fingers, four fingers, single tap, double tap, pinch, punch {just kidding} track pad that gets me and the machine confused to the point of me resisting any high velocity and force of a fist-and-machine contact.  
I was complete without the myriad of “i”-softwares that requires almost no imagination and creativity, just some coordination and spatial ability to ‘connect’ cursor to icon and click.
These modern day wonders that drove fads and changed the cultural landscape had brought down the robustness and reliability of my machine… which in short no longer meets my NEED for a Mac to the ‘T’.
The shorter research and development time, excellerated product life cycle, mass production and the need to jam pack and overstretch the capacity of what it had originally been built for had eroded the joy I derived over the years of getting the job done with zero hassle, effectively and efficiently – the very ethos of what a machine should be, and reason as to why machines were invented by men in the first place.

So with the Range Rover pegged at such a price level what lies ahead does seem like a scary prospect. A possibility of owning a RM350+K of problem that rigs up an expandable bill beyond reasonable proportions. Perhaps…

Plus, if I were to buy the Range Rover now, what do I buy at 40?
Kindda kills the aspiration in a premature way – no? But in the deep creaveses of my heart, the throbing and pumping I feel whispers, “I WANT . I WANT . I WANT”


5 thoughts on “confessions on my L0V3MARKS – Land Rover and Mac

  1. yo babes! did you go for the launch?so sign up already?Red kah? like your first convertible landrover. who the heck buys a convertible landrover???????????????only you!haahahahhhhahahaha

  2. I do agree with you on the Apple observations ironically despite owning and unable to live without my iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook Pro.The MacBook Pro being the most problematic of all. Do you think its because so much resources is placed on the iPad and iPhone instead?

  3. Oh by the way totally agree with you about our good old white brick macs in the old days. Don't work also say damn good. No chip plak program and don't run on anything else also say damn good.lolSound like KH with his bikini sini BMW.

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