Work Diary: lucky me it’s not 915,103,765 choices!


Did you know that there are more than 915,103,765 ways 
of combining six eight-stud lego bricks of the same colour?

So, nothing.

This ain’t another math entry.
Has there ever been a math entry?
In any case, the 915,103,765 is not a number I had picked format he sky.
I only got the Heinz 57 flavors inspiration when it comes to eye balls rolling ridiculous exaggerated facts about me – which the exaggeration is usually as obvious as a big African elephant standing in your doorway which you cannot possibly not notice (only that this of course is not physically possible – the elephant, dodo! Concentrate – sheesh)
So? What’s with the lego bit?, you asked.
Heh heh
Just a random Penelope light.bulb.moment I thought I would share given that I have no other inspirational juice at the moment with my brain being bogged down or rather squeezed between a 3-sided G-clip / wrench (that don’t exist), trying to make a decision. Well, of course if you were to include my present situation as one of the choices, that makes it a 4-sided G-clip / wrench.
……………………………………………………when choices can actually be a bad thing … more so when expressive me can’t even pour it out openly for opinions! 
Lucky me it’s not 915,103,765 choices!
Imagine that.
That would seriously be the most cruel and diabolical plan any secret agent or spy organization can come up with to torture a person like me.
Someone who doesn’t even know how she likes her eggs done. 
{wait-a-minute! that puts me in the same league as Julia Roberts’ character Maggie in Runaway Bride – another hopeless trivial that occupies my natural RAM – such a waste of capacity!}



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