the day I could finally take off …


On my night stand.
{or should I say previous night stand?}
Lonely Planet:
 Sri Lanka . Western Balkans . Turkey . India . Myanmar (Burma) . China . Russia & Belarus . First Time Around The World .
Obviously a CRISIS is happening here.
The ‘First Time Around The World’ has a handsome two-thirds shot of a cheetah.
I’ve always had a thing for cheetahs.
I’ve read somewhere that cheetahs will not bite if you pat it right in the middle of its head.
If …
Perhaps it’s like a cobra.
They can’t attack upwards or backwards.
Ah ha… that explains how one is able to plant a kiss on the cobra’s hood.
This I have witness; nonetheless thanks but no thanks I ain’t trying it and besides I do not have a thing for snakes.
Anyways, I’ve always wanted to die in the hands of a grizzly bear.
Despite the detailed and horroring accounts in the various Readers Digest I read growing up.
hmmm… makes me wonder how many bear attacks per annum; further reduced to survival rates and lastly the pick up rate of Readers Digest.
I’ve always found the typeset and layout of Readers Digest distasteful.
Wondered who would actually fall for their gimmicky “YOU WON $1,000,000” bold statements with elaborately drawn water-marked mock cheques. Or those gold foiled plastic keys to your brand new Ferrari. And I was no more than 9 years old at that point.
Given my age, if the gold foiled key had been a gold foiled chocolate shaped key, perhaps I would have liked Readers Digest a bit more.
Nonetheless. I spent my 11th year on this earth cramping up my fingers and developing tennic wrist by practicing to tie a know out of a rubber band stuck right at the bottom of a cleaned-out empty large size Gobbler peanut butter and jelly jam jar, aided with two tweezers. I had read in 2 issues of Readers Digest that that’s how neurosurgeons practiced before a surgery.
Obviously my level of intuition, intelligence and suspicion fell with age.
I was definitely more suspecting when I was 9 than 11.
In any case, supplemented by the local provicial library visits, pouring over obsolete out of print and also home to the silver fish colony of the library, I had turned in a paper on the brain at school. Needless to say, my mother was called in … the beginning of many more episodes which by the time I had secured a full scholarship at college she was fed-up and had retorted, “If she’s still scoring at the top of her class, what’s the issue?”
Look, it was never the case of a bad job.
It just didn’t quite address the topic or question.
And thanks to that, I was introduced to the expression “off tangent” at a prime age, thereby confusing me thoroughly in physics in my later years.
“Off tangent” remains today … as you would have observed.
So, getting back on course … the books or my night stand was procured in one go on the evening I had decided to quit Al Rajhi Bank for good … regardless.
This is after I had submitted my resume across the seas to India and somehow received 4 local phone calls within the week… a true testament to the effectiveness of technology and the gossip channels.
At that point, securing a ‘future’ was of far concern.
At that point, my dream – one which I had haboured for years – could be realised:

Aurora stakeout?
Mongolia trekking?
Big 5 spotting?

Suddenly everything and anything was possible.
I could finally take 4 weeks off without a care.
6 weeks was not an issue.
So why not 8 weeks?
or even a gap year? … if I could survive me alone on the road …

I know deep down in my hearts of heart, I can’t survive me. 
I can’t tolerate me for long!
ha ha
How is this even possible?
Well, it is … a thought for you to explore with yourself too.



5 thoughts on “the day I could finally take off …

  1. @Ben – I did drop out but that was coz I visualised the depressing snow in Moscow and the horrible flower curtain in the dorms!!!!!!!!! What can I say? Interior decor is important!@xoxo – yup. xoxo back

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