i MUST save the world …

I’ve crossed a week @ the new place.

Wait a minute, I think I’m close to crossing 2 weeks … or is it 3 weeks now???

yipee!!! did I say 3 weeks?
I had said I would give it 4 weeks and start putting down the pros and the cons on paper and weigh them carefully before making any decision.
Oh heck!
With me, a better remedy would be to burn the piece of paper down to ashes, drink it and hopefully be haunted by a dream with a resolute decision in it. The trick is of course to wake up remembering the dream, or in this case the resolute decision.
My ‘mom’ {the ex-boss} had said to give it 3 months … minimum.
Oh well, we’ll have to see what happens to the above decision making mechanism.
For all you know I end up with really bad constipation or even acute stomach complications or carbon intoxication … some of those morbid ‘illness’ only I can ‘cook’ up that renders me unfit for employment … and voila! the consideration of: should continue @ the new place or otherwise? cease to exist.
Well, you could say that I wouldn’t be totally clueless as to what I would do next… unlike the ridiculous {mis}adventure of attempting medical school in nature’s freezer, or even the earlier law school attempt.

None of that however exceeds the expectation of my {mis}adventure many years later of me attempting not to have crossed-eyes sorting out binary codes while figuring out in my state of idleness why the heck would I want to know who owns the limousine Humvee that pulled right in front of the plush 5-star hotel lobby I was living in; missing my toes by a few inches!?!”

This incident metamorphosed quickly into a Sherlock Holmes need that persisted and consumed my soul for over 2 weeks – hardly surprising given the state of boredom and dis-engagement towards work, people and environment I was in.

so, what would I do next?
that’s simple.
Believing that I was born to be at airports {notwithstanding my love-hate relationships with long lay-overs, excessive transits and annoyance with provincial airports} my next live’s pursuits will be about airports!

Look, someone obviously needs to save the world …
With the exceptions of a few international airports with mouth-gaping wow architectural marvel and well thought and laid-out amenities, services and recreational spaces, most airports are well, glass-steel-concrete rectangular structures built over large spaces of land.

With the arrival of self-cleaning surfaces, airports are just ‘cold’ and often the preferred colour scheme of greys and blues – apparently stain looks better on them! – adds on to this ‘cold’ feeling.

© Penelope Haque – All Rights Reserved

yes, that’s really what it is!
Often this feeling goes unnoticed while we look forward to either arriving at the next destination {hopefully home or a  lovely ‘home’ away from home that’s often plusher than home home}, or purely to end the dreadful exhausting soul-less journey. The feeling of ‘low’ is often attributed to home sickness, jet lag, dehydration and exhaustion.

Being a perpetual {mellon collie and} infinite sadness type of person, I know it’s the environment. Surrounded by the grey-blue unnatural and hard materials just saps my energy … more so when I no longer perk myself up with M&Ms, Mars and some ice blended coffee fix in my younger days. {read: HERE – when rules don’t apply}

Lucky for me, I get a momentary energy booster by looking through a viewfinder and tapping the back of a ‘lady bug’ – shutter release soft button. But like said, it’s momentary; given that the view is just that ‘inspiring’ with similar looking shops selling almost identical items … perfumes, skin care, cigarettes, liquor, leather goods, scarves, books, sandwiches, coffee, tacky and totally over prized souvenirs, chocolates, Legos …

Now, Legos is something that continues to intrigue me.
With only so little personal space up in the air and a flimsy plastic tray passing itself off as a “dining table-cum-working desk” how does one propose that a clumsy four year old with just about refined motor skills and chubby fingers work around building a monster truck or a fire brigade air bound?

In any case, I’m not saving the world by clearing out airports from Legos.
I’m talking interior decor here! Yes, injecting some energy and funk into airports!

And if that fails, like all things, there’s Plan B.
ahem. did I hear you mutter “this better be good” ?
sheesh …

Well, since Plan B is most probably going to be “it”, suffice to say at this point it’s with regards to Making the Most out of Frequent Flyer Miles.
Speaking of which, yes, I am off … I gotta surf for holiday ideas and plan my next vacation – yeah, yeah I know I’m hardly a month @ the new place, but I’ve got frequent flyer miles expiring on 31st December 2011!!! uh-huh, this is a matter of life and death in my books!

making the most of frequent flyer miles transport infographic



5 thoughts on “i MUST save the world …

  1. Merry Christmas, not-so-great Boxing Day (no crazy sales there right?), and a Wonderful New Year!For Pete's sake go get drunk, merry and party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kiss someone over New Year's!

  2. Stick it out princess.Go Africa trotting… then come back!Happy Holidays (oops! you're working right???? lol)Have a Good New Year and hope to see you soon.Keep well!

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