Malaysia Airlines and Enrich boleh BAKAR!!!!!!!!


Ever tried to access your Enrich online?

Well, there’s nothing much you can do online especially when the gateway is ‘down’. I am suspecting that the gateway has NEVER been up as it has been purportedly down since mid-year!
Well then, that’s not much of a problem coz you are advised to call the toll free number for any transactional type activity or a dedicated number if you’re calling from overseas. The thing is this: both numbers are essentially the same and leads to the Call Center (i.e. 03 7843 3000) and though if you’re calling from Timbuktu, Mali coz you’ll definitely be racking up a huge bill waiting for some real human being to get onto the line as the system navigates you through a labyrinth of confusing selection.


This too is not seriously a problem, especially if you are used to calling Call Centres and by now would have been accustomed to the crisp and clear woman voice everyone uses to direct callers through some should be no-brainer steps of getting assistance. The only minor annoyance about MAS’ system is if you had key-ed in the wrong selection, there is no way of back tracking your choices and there is no way to get to real person on the phone either; i.e. there is no “speak to a real human, please press “ZERO””

Never mind that.
Just some minor flaw which MAS can rectify at minimal cost and swiftly with no service disruption.

And if you’re calling locally, just hang up and try again. It cost less than a ringgit even if you dutifully or respectfully listen to that crisp and clear woman voice detailed instructions.

The thing is this:
It boils your blood if you attempt to call Malaysia Airline or Enrich Call Center at the end of the year.

Every single mortal who owns an Enrich card will have their miles expiring on 31st December!!!
Now, now, in this technologically advanced age, wouldn’t it be prudent to stagger or have a few expiration dates? Surely even a simple algorithm designed programming would have covered the complexity and tedium of tracking expiration dates of cards.
But since they did not even think though the telephone scripting, I suppose it’s really a lot to ask for them to think in binary codes.

So, if that can’t be done, why not have more staff handling Enrich during this period rather than one person. Yes, ONE sorry person who would have to receive all the brunt of callers who have been on the phone line for hours … the persistent callers like me, that is.
I gave up after 2 hours 34 minutes of being on hold. I swear I’ll be hearing the recorded ‘on-hold’ message till next year at this rate.
Deviously, like 99.9999999999% of other Enrich callers facing the same predicament, I selected the First Class Online Booking option and spoke to a Customer Service personnel after 3 rings! ah HA! Obviously the 1990s Quality Circle, Quality Service Mantra of ‘pick up the phone after 3 rings’ is still applied here.

I have longed learned that in situations like this you could play it 3 ways:

  1. HARD (i.e. nasty – my typical default mode after being transferred more than 8 times by call centers or speaking to someone who is incapable of assisting me)
  2. NORMAL (ain’t gonna get you no where babe! wake up, mediocrity doesn’t work in this world)
  3. NICE (50:50 chance … you may find someone obliging who will assist you, or you may bump into someone ‘by-the-books’ who will ignore you, or worse still Cruella de Vil who will take advantage of you)

I started off with HARD.

I was given 4 alternative Enrich phone number by the guy who said,
“so listen {you idiot caller – i.e. me}, I can repeat I have no authority to do Enrich transaction over and over again or do you want me to give you other numbers to call Enrich?”

OK. I totally deserve that but I should also have seen it coming from this dirty rude monkey when he rattled off the following numbers:
2162 4146, 2162 4236, 2162 0727, 2162 0725

what do you think?

It wasn’t even a funny prank.
Now, I’ll be having “nombor yang anda dial sudah ditamatkan perkhidmatannya” ringging in my ears in addition to the above on-hold messages!

I figured, either he was so annoyed with me – though hardly possible as I wasn’t really shouting or screaming at him or even remotely rude. I had merely informed him with gritting teeth tone that I have been placed on hold for 1 hour 54 minutes (at that point) and I do not want to be transferred back to the Enrich department which obviously had no one working there and wanted to be assisted by him NOW.

Or maybe the girl working at the Enrich department jilted him for his best friend.
Who knows?

In any case after filling up 3 online REQUEST for INFORMATION, CONTACT US, and COMPLAINT forms as well as emailing to 2 MAS related emails while listening to the on-hold messages … I received a bulb light moment. It was then I realised that both the local contact number and overseas number is the same!
I called using the overseas number option, got my pointer finger positioned and ready to do some ‘bad phone connection scratch sounds’ if I needed it and selected ECONOMY CLASS TIX BOOKING this time around fearing that if I chose FIRST CLASS/BUSINESS CLASS TIX BOOKING I might just get that same rude guy on the line.
sigh {of relief}
Another guy picks up the phone after >10 rings. So obviously they have a few dedicated people waiting anxiously for obnoxious secretaries of 1st Class / Business Class flyers and a couple of staff for Cattle Class and none for Enrich (we are after all suckers who they rather have us “losing” our points to some expiration timeline they had set).
I decided to wish the person and in a calm manner stated my problem…
I also mentioned that I am seriously running the risk of using my entire airfare budget on the phone call being put on hold for nearly 2 hours (fact) and I do know it’s coz the phone lines are so damn unreliable in Timbuktu, Mali unlike our wonderful country Malaysia!!! and was wondering if he was kind enough to assist me as his friend earlier had given me 4 alternative numbers and none seem to work or … it’s the damn unreliable phone service in Timbuktu, Mali and not Malaysia or MAS.

To seem convincing I had the minor sound effect going {though at the back of my mind I wondered what Call Center system they had installed and if it was able to display the origins or phone number of the incoming call}.
And waaaa…lah…. I was given 2 other numbers … one which was as hopeless as the 4 above.
The other was an exclusive number the Call Center staff use internally to contact the Administrative Division of Enrich for assistance and clarification.
No surprise, I had everything settled with the Admin number, though I have to say the girl on the other end was far less friendly and seriously bossy … but what can I say? If lies and womanly helplessness got me that far, I wasn’t going to let a stupid woman, who is also unfortunately the linchpin in this entire episode ruin it for me. No way could I be reduced to listening to the “on hold” phone messages for another hour or two … so, I played the NICE, polite, begging poor soul … 
4 minutes. That’s all it took. 
Total time wasted trying to rescue some expiring frequent flyer miles?
2 hours 53 minutes.
Total time wasted on Malaysia Airlines and Enrich (including web surfing and blogging) :
3 hours 36 minutes!
Let’s not even go down the total phone bill cost!
seriously … Malaysia Airlines and Enrich boleh bakar



7 thoughts on “Malaysia Airlines and Enrich boleh BAKAR!!!!!!!!

  1. malaysia airlines call center staffs cant really assist u in this kind of matter, if u want to save time n avoid phone bill, u shud definitely consider their ticketing office instead of call center. call center staffs are given very little authority..wad they can do are redeem ur miles, create booking,classes upgrading and collect payment..if u want to change ur fare, it takes time for u to wait as well,this is because they calculate their fare difference manually..their system is quite outdated..this is wad i heard from a frens of mine who is working in malaysia airlines

  2. you can still claim it after you come back. no hurry. though they take ages to credit your points. am still waiting for my SIN trip.then again ahhh… all the same one.Asia Miles I am still waiting for HK trip in June 2011, Turkey trip in September 2011 and Jo'burg-Victoria Falls trip I keyed in nothing appeared lei.go figure!

  3. @BenBurn MASBoycott MAS … actually cannot lei. Too much points vested there. Will reduce with London and Central Europe flights later this year.@KChmmmmmmmmmmm…{looks like there are better places to work at/with}@JonDon't travel those leg much.And BTW, I am with 3 different Miles Partner programmes!!!Very hard to keep track

  4. You should get miles that NEVER expires.I think it's either United or AA that practices that.In any case I do not travel enough to be bothered. I just go with the cheapest or the best affordable option.

  5. year back, i was at the enrich centre to retrieve some items exchanged with points. after youve seen the place, you wont be surprise why all these is happening to you. you basically park in a dirt lot, the centre or warehouse is off the old subang airport road, the office is one bangla situation going on, no receptionist, just walk in to sad lot of cubicles, with old display cabinets (glass and wood and mismatched), ask the nearest person you see for the person in charge, approach him/her, and he/she hands you the items stored under the table.

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