01012012 experimentation of indulgence


It was a spur of the moment thing.
Something that seem right, purposeful and urgent at 10-ish p.m.
Not exactly the best urge to have at such a time, and worse still when it requires 3 different exotic types of cheeses, whipped cream and oh yes, a reliable mixer and not a manual egg whisk and a large bowl.
The mission?
red velvet cake.
Naturally, like all ridiculous urges that needed to be fulfilled at the most ridiculous hour and place, I’ve never made a red velvet cake in my entire life. I don’t have a red velvet recipe with me. I’ve only tasted it once in Ben’s with Val when we were looking at alternatives just in case we could not find a strawberry flavoured cake for Beck’s 4th birthday. Oh ya, we’re just going to lie through our teeth that the red velvet is a strawberry cake. Seriously what does a four-year old know? And how developed can a four-year old’s taste bud and appreciation for food be {conveniently forgetting the fact that reincarnation does exist!}.

I shall save you the drama that when on in this: “The Making of Penelope’s Red Velvet Cake” episode – one that ranges from forgetting to get red food colouring, whisking up the cheeses and whipped cream way too early; risking it settling or melting over the freshly baked cake (read: hot!), to only having a 4″ long knife that could possibly not slice the 12″ diameter cake horizontally into half coupled with the fact that the 12″ diameter cake tin had produced a cake way too thin to be sliced into half! 
So, it must have been either beginner’s luck or the perpetually kind Heavenly Gods smiling down at me as the clock struck midnight – at the change of one Gregorian year to another … 

© Penelope Gan – All Rights Reserved
Since the above attempt was successful and this renders me ‘stuck’ with one whole sinful cake that defies all health consideration and healthy living diet lifestyle I have been trying to stay on course, I decided to spoil myself by making apple flavoured water kefir (bottom right most photo) and another batch of super yummy-licious ice-cream soda tasting water kefir by adding a few drops of pure vanilla extract into a mug … 
add some ice, and I’m all ready to toast to a new{gregorian}year

© Penelope Gan – All Rights Reserved
{L to R: rejuvenating and feeding water kefir, water kefir grains rinsed off, apple flavoured water kefir fermentation}

Thank Goodness I am not into making new year’s resolutions.
Even if I were, making red velvet cake again will not be on it … and gulp, gulp, it sure is going to be tough to keep the healthy living and eating lifestyle once you have tried the vanilla extract drops in water kefir.

{happy} 2012 Everyone!



4 thoughts on “01012012 experimentation of indulgence

  1. @ AnonWater Kefir is a bacteria like micro-organism. It works similarly to pre-biotics by have different properties and goodness.@JonNew Year or CNY?Either case will be around CNY for a couple of days then off again. Will email you separately.

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!I tried calling your mobile.No respond. Have you changed your number? Or are you celebrating New Year's in London? Melbourne? Delhi? Timbuktu? :)By the way, didn't know you could bake as well.WoW! When do I get my home made red velvet?

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