4 hours 28 minutes to wake up time.
I am wide eyed as usual.
Blogging is the last thing I should be doing. It keeps me thinking the rest of the night/morning. Searching for a punch line.

Like it matters.
For days I have been feeling thirsty.
The type you feel after leaving a service from hell but packed Chinese joint smelling of everything they serve there, but mostly of bad sesame oil. The MSG overdose type that no amount of green tea can wash the after taste away or quench your thirst; yet amazingly the sensation does finally dissipate but you can’t put your finger down as to how or what or why.
Like it matters.
Despite the thirst and feeling like I have a miniature version of Himalayan salt mountain range at the tip of my tongue, I am dreaming – day dreaming, night dreaming, wide-eyed awake dreaming of Krispy Kreme.



I don’t really fancy Krispy Kreme … unless it happens to sit on Bob-the-Builder’s desk. 
But that too I suspect is because I get great joy seeing his face light up with excitement at the prospect of sinking his teeth into that sinful oil and sugar water drenched piece of dough.
Krispy Kreme basically has the same effect as Coca Cola on me.
The sudden craving. Brain commanding tongue to make the request and hand to finalise the transaction with exchange of hard cash for a pile of sugar. Brain then reprimands lips and mouth for being so reckless as to almost dribble at the sight of them … this reminds me of the occasional lunch time purchase of super spicy Malay rice at the open car park beside the Bank. ‘Makcik Bawah Pokok’ was the name we had affectionately called her. Obviously her affection for us was non-existence. Or rather her desire for hard currency far outweighed any consideration of our cravings for her food. We were abandoned for a far more lucrative open car park smack in the middle of higher high rise a few blocks down the road at downtown Kuala Lumpur.
But there’s one distinct difference between her food and Coca Cola or Krispy Kreme… her food tasted good until my tears and mucus covered my ducts and smell sensory.
With Coca Cola and Krispy Kreme, my desire for them takes a sharp gravity like plunge after the first taste.
Yet, I am craving for Krispy Kreme now.
At this juncture where my cravings can not be fulfilled unless some prince in shinning amour hand delivers them to my door step. There is no Krispy Kreme around here.

 – – – – – – – – – – – – –


© Penelope Haque – All Rights Reserved – along the way to Sighişoara, ROMANIA

To top it off I have this insane craving to make a mini album on my Romanian Road trip last year with some friends.
This of course can not be fulfilled either …

But more bizarre is the subject of cravings.
This is because I had ‘suffered’ and not enjoyed most of my time in Romania … other than the Hilton Bucharest stint and the Transfagarasan road trip {read HERE}


© Penelope Haque – All Rights Reserved – on the way out of Viscri towards Sighişoara, ROMANIA
{while searching for muscular Popeye type to assist us with out flat tyre, I took photos of Viscri town – a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a population of Roma majority and a fortified church that dates back to 1100. And oh well, yes I took photos of the travel mates as well who decided to wear dresses for the Bran Castle visit – reason which is unknown to me!}


9 thoughts on “Cravings

  1. lol. stylishly dressed on trips is one of those things i m determined to do in future my trips. ops, i should say, more 'stylishly dressed', therefore, an extra compartment for …ermmm, accessories…LOL.nice hor yr travelmates to the balkans….travelling with huge trolley begs….lol lol lol. i hope u u get what i mean by the multiple 'lols'

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