Travel Diary: the world does revolve around {just} us

© Penelope Haque – All Rights Reserved – Mother-Child flea bonding time … somewhere in Kruger National Park, South Africa
What’s really not apparent in this shot is … just a short distance away {by African predator-prey bush standards} is a standoff between a herd of male impalas and a lion cleverly concealed by the tall drying wheat-coloured grass. 
Surrounding these two baboons are at least 50 or more skittish female and young impalas, some 30 baboons of various sizes sending out “We spotted the “guy” with the unruly mane” cries and 3 trees with a total of 20-ish vultures standing elegantly in what appears at one glance as tuxedoes. 
Like the baboons, I too was in a different world from the rest of the camera and binoculars yielding homo sapiens, intent and focused on the standoff.
Well, for one, I know for a fact that a kill is not going to take place.
The lion has been ‘caught out’.

But more importantly, even aided with a binoculars I could not make out any more of the lion other than a fine ‘orange-y’ curvature line floating slightly above the grass which I had spotted with my spectacle aided eyes as potentially the lion’s bum some 10 minutes earlier.

Potentially … as I could be wrong.
It could very well be all in my mind … and now the minds of some other 40 or more homo sapiens simply with a suggestion that the fine ‘orange-y’ line at the far end of the field – one o’clock direction wise {good ol’ way without GPS or a compass} is the lion under the tree.

And that was all the lion encounter I had.

In any case here’s some interesting shots … which reminds me that we, homo sapiens, haven’t really truly evolved much and nature is truly amazing; having found rather innovative ways {that out smarts us, homo sapiens} all these centuries.

Oh one last thing: {if} the photo is blur, that’s coz:
possibility #1
Penelope does not have those super elongated lens {usually attached to a consumer dslr male photo hobbyist walking around Kuala Lumpur CBD whose talent and (insert own imagination here) is reverse in proportion to the lens} and the photo therefore has been extensively cropped for blogging effect here.

possibility #2
Penelope was overtly excited at the prospects of her “cousins”‘ antics and incapable of controlling her heart palpitations.

possibility #3
Penelope was over zealous and hit the shutter button when the 4×4 was still in motion, or when the ranger had decided to ignore her and not stop for a photo op, or the 4×4 in its bone shaker condition vibrates to no end … thereby sending minute movements akin to possibility #2.

possibility #4
Penelope plain sucks – oh … this is in fact not a possibility but in most cases a fact.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
© Penelope Haque – All Rights Reserved – Giraffes engaged in necking … somewhere in Kruger National Park, South Africa
as for the real description:
Unlike human who engaged in necking for … oh well, you know … {blushing – yeah rite!}, when giraffes are necking, it’s an act of aggression over territory, food, mates …etc. Yup, the motive and desired effect sits on the opposite ends of the polarized scale from us humans, but apparently sometimes giraffes do ‘neck’ just for the heck of it; i.e. at play.
 … so necking IS necking! {after all}
© Penelope Haque – All Rights Reserved – Zebra Crossing … somewhere in Kruger National Park, South Africa
as for the real description:
You gotta be joking me. That’s what it literally is: zebra crossing… and for your information, that’s the last 3 of the herd that never seems to end.
© Penelope Haque – All Rights Reserved – It’s finger lickin’ good! … somewhere in Kruger National Park, South Africa

as for the real description:
Spotted {literally and figuratively} less than 15 metres away from my 4×4 open sided Land Rover, this cheetah laid on its side with a bulging belly. 
Spotting one is a rarity. Lions and leopards are far more common; more so with the former as the latter takes shelter in trees mostly.
Spotting one with a young is truly an odd draw of the luck which renders you luckier than the guy who hits the jackpot in Vegas … so you totally get it when I say I was over the moon … with so much love oozing and spilling to the point of contracting ‘khaki fever’ – that is a different story for another blog entry.
My assumption was quickly corrected.
This guy – yes, guy – is not pregnant. Rather the bulge is an impala he had gorged down some 3 hours before after giving a chase with a fellow ‘hunter’ at around 2-ish p.m. earlier, witnessed by the South African Wildlife College Maintenance crew. This proved true as I zoomed in on the LCD preview screen which reveals a ‘finger lickin’ moment (the dark stains on the tip of his paw is actually blood stains) that also explains why mr. cheetah is in his own little world … ignoring my presence which would have been highly annoying with his acute sense of smell, sight and sound. 
trust me
… click. clack. clack. clack… click. click… clack. clack. clack. clack. clack. clack. clack. ………… clack. clack click. click… clack. 
is very irritating even to me!


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
‘khaki fever’ ~ a fever that does not kill {unlike yellow fever} but can wreck havoc upon your sensibilities and your heart. 

Think 1953 film Mogambo, in which the married society girl (Grace Kelly) falls for the rugged, tanned game ranger (Clark Gable), who’s already carrying on with a wild American (Ava Gardner).

8 thoughts on “Travel Diary: the world does revolve around {just} us

  1. what are you talking? the cheetah I want to rest my head on it's belly, nuzzle my face into his neck …Val's parting words: you don't be an idiot and pat the leopard ok?lol(I will be doing all of the above one of these days … just need to get 'hired' for a conservation project and the opportunity to work with tranquilised ones lah)

  2. The baboon pic is sharp enuf laaa, u wanna see the nostril hair mehh? Btw, u should hv gotten even nearer to the cheetah for a clearer pic of his nostril hair since he was already full………….

  3. @KC – it's lovely in every sense of the word.@phil – relax dude. It wouldn't have been your fault and in any case, it probably won't happen coz there is no way in hell I could lug your gears. Oh BTW the smallish charters won't allow that weight on either. If not mistaken allocation is 8 kg in total and I need my other supplies {wink}.@foto.grapher – what is "L,R,C,U,D" ???

  4. foto.gapher – hey dude, I think not. When I asked her if she wanted my gears and tripod, she didn't want them – too heavy. Just as well. Not sure if Nikon or Canon caused the spine prolapse. Imagine if it were mine … wahlauwei … guilty! lolGet well soon girl.Lovely shots. Can't wait to see more on your Mac.

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