straitjacket and electrocution


expletives }
I am doomed for life, I decided.
This is while I am lying prone in a straitjacket like entrapment with straps hooked onto the foot of the bed that goes through a motorized pulley, stretching my invertebrates – so I was told. I was also told to hit the ‘STOP’ button in my right hand if the machine gets over zealous.
Question is:
How would I know how much should I allow my bones to be pulled apart?
Question is:
What is discomfort?
Doing nothing at the moment gets classified as discomfort, else I won’t be spending nearly 3 hours a day of my time at this rehabilitation center, would I?
Question is:
What is ‘1’ and ‘10’ – least to most pain – suppose to feel like?
Wouldn’t each one of us have a different threshold of pain?
And how would men ever know what child labour pain is?
Frankly, the best part of this rather boring regime is being electrocuted.

That didn’t come out quite right did it?
First straitjacket, then electrocuted.

I am in no asylum, but if you could read minds, you might just as well lock me in one and throw the keys away … judging by my thoughts.

Amongst the many loony bin trail of thoughts that runs through the space between my ears as I lie prone on my back and strapped in, … the one prominent one takes from of my failure to remove excessive productive hair cuticles on my legs and how I might as well be lying on a morgue table as there’s no way I am able to shave them off with two fractured invertebrate disc, thereby subjecting me to no ends of humiliation for at least another 12 times.

Then again, if I were rationale in the remoteness way, I would be thinking along the lines of:
what difference does it make now that the doctor and therapist have seen my ungodly gawd awful sight of my over growth???


3 thoughts on “straitjacket and electrocution

  1. recently joined bodypump, so awesome that i do it 3 times a week now – good for upperback, lowerback and core! and yes, since i cabuts 5.15 (going back to the disengagement part), i can make it to the gym by 630!

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