shoot! it’s a commercial shoot

9 hours-ish it took.
9 hours-ish it took. … for a 1 minute commercial shoot !
Still photos and motion with a voice over of apparently “a day in my life” type story line.
I was unfortunately the main talent … rather “talent” – and naturally (duh), if it’s about a day in my life.
The acting part was surprisingly easy, other than the alighting the car scene where the back was not too amused. Climbing the stairs shoot was manageable .. by then I had gotten the heck of what it means to look at the camera, and yet not look at the camera.


Adorning the apron is a killer.
Seems rather simple … but NOT! … when you have hair to avoid, ensure elbows were not jutting out like two barrels at the camera … and make it all appear as if its all one easy, natural, swift moment that took no effort at all. If that’s not difficult enough, try doing all of it plus tying a knot behind the apron in under 12 seconds! 
I struggled with the still photo shoot. One sitting only, but it took up 28% of the total time!
Getting really frustrated with self, I started doing really crazy antics … oh boy! The editing team will have a ball of a time. My personal favourite was one of me showing 100% genuine expression of frustration with my face all screwed up, neck veins popping, and eyes wide and doppy with tears brimming around them … not here as these photos are ‘behind the scenes’ shots by my sister, but if you must imagine in the crudest way, it’s like having bad constipation!
Thank god the production guys and photographer/videographer (a fellow Libran) was really a cool dude, fun and loving … oh well, we are Librans! … and did a good job lifting my spirits and energy.
Leave us for a 5-day shoot, we’ll either be at each other’s throat or the best-est of pals.
Between you and me, I think it was the Hasselblad that brought the nerves out with the still photo shoots. All I could think off was:
“my pores!!! OMG! That thing is going to amplify my pores … and nostril hairs that has gone astray, imperfect eye brow … etc etc etc.”

And since when did all of this vanity bother me?
Since I became the centre of attention with the make-up people tip-toeing behind me for touch-ups!


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