met my photobook deadline … yes, both volumes!


made it … with many more days to go.
The arrival of the first photo book –  “INDIA IN FOCUS | VOL. 1 – KULLU VALLEY, HIMACHAL PRADESH”  – sure cheered me on to complete this … besides the looming deadline.
Interestingly with the first, it was the photo processing that took up much of my time.
With this one, it was the story … it’s not easy trying to find a flow between 3 distinct yet related stories on Tibetan Buddhism in India.
The 17th Karmapa is a confusing one to write with the various Rinpoche and Tulku names … heck, come to think about it even the Dancing Lama was difficult with all the Tibetan jargons in them, not to mention the complexity of describing / explaining the various dance and its significance, of which I know rather superficially through secondary research and translated scripts found in the library in Gangtok, Sikkim.
I was perhaps struggling with volume 2 also, simply because I had grown tired of a number of images; published works that had seen me corresponding with the publishers and editors in the past with various formats and sizes as well as some that required an interpretation of the photos.
I wonder if real professional photographers gets tired of their shots.
Henri Cartier Bresson probably wouldn’t – he had more than 180 great ‘decisive moment’ photos.
In any case … enjoy … while I figure out why the printing photo upload is taking > 2 hours this time around when the first Volume took no more than 30 minutes.
 © p.{Haque} – All Rights Reserved 

6 thoughts on “met my photobook deadline … yes, both volumes!

  1. I think its the paper and quality of print.Perhaps you should drop by and look at the sample; i.e. the non Groupon discounted ones. The quality may be different.

  2. eh dude … the output ain't that great.actually i am being very generous there.the output is crappier than TIME magazine; paper is just a bit thicker/heavier.the colour is bad.the sharpness is non-existence.but at RM54 I won't complaint lor… that's why everyone says "aiyah, what you pay is what you get lor" or "groupon deals sucks one."

  3. I won't be able to find 8 related photos that colour, composition etc etc sync! So screw multiple photos in a page.Also I will give up if I had to put one photo per page!!!Hence, I decided to make it like a magazine editorial thing-y.Can't wait to see yours!!!:pOh, there's another Groupon offer on a 8.5 x 11" format!!!!ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for me

  4. Very niceeee dude. Good on u. Now, i get some ideas how to do mine… of those is that i dont need to put 8 pics in one page….LOLLOL. Quantity mahh…LOL. Dont think i got time to write much though…maybe nothing at all…lol.

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