Work Diary: delivering {on} Happiness on my own terms



.It’s rather ironic that I – a suicidal maniac depressive – would be talking about happiness … or rather creating and delivering happiness at the work place to drive performance.

Oh well, it was one of those insane moment of pro-longed momentary lapse of any brain capacity on my part, or one of those caffeine infected disillusioned moments where I had thought it was a good idea to throw some profound questions leading to the need for Strengths Based Performance and Management at the workplace.

So right to the eleventh hour, I had not done anything.
Procrastination aside, I didn’t have any mojo.
I’ve not been having any mojo for weeks now… and we are talking weeks that prolongs to months and spills over quarters type of “for weeks” referencing.
Yeah that kind of depression, ya’ know.
And my last few blog entries are in itself indication of the state of mind I have been in {still am largely}
So, pressed by time (and thankful that we had to instal a new king) … yipee! public holiday!
it was:
slide time. lesson plan time. game designing time.
bottom line is it was “get my butt going on this happiness piece” time.
Finally this is what I did …

I went totally hot pink – fuchsia is one of my favourite accent colour and flower – with the slides … and had quite a bit of silly irrelevant statements that contradicts one another like these:


made them participate in silly games that has been designed for only one outcome: you will fail!

QUESTION: are you happy?
deliberately recapped the absurd sounding statistical and research / survey findings such as :

that supports my bold opening statement of: are you happyyes? no?

Without a greeting or acknowledgment towards the crowd, I pursued the sole mission I believe I was brought to this earth for: I spent the first few minutes of being in front of the crowd dishing out leading questions that planted doubts into the floor’s mind of the entire notion of happiness {I would get a Nobel Prize for this, if there’s one …}
use Tony Hsieh as my case study {which fell almost flat not because I had anticipated the oomph! of 1.2 billion to have evaporated with the sale of Instagram for 1 billion just a week earlier, but rather not a single person in the room knew who Tony Hsieh is … or Ted Kaczynski for that matter. Let’s just say, a lot of improvisation and down grading to pre-elementary, pre-kindergarten references and examples had to be dished out on the spot {talk about talking off the cuff} … thereby eroding any elegance I have! or had planned for to get my points across. Malaysian must really read soooooooo much more and by that, reading the damn newspaper tabloids do not count!}



gave them a 30-questionnaire quiz whose results told them this: “you are NOT a great manager” or “tough. your manager sucks”because they did not …


by doing the following {examples of snippets only}:

In short this was a prelude to the {Go Put Your} Strengths {to Work} session that drives home the message of:

And by Breaking the Rules to be a Great Manager it also means allowing me to done an all black outfit – my staple colour – with hot pink Skechers shoes for a formal session, presenting hot pink slides with a hot pink ‘mouse’ rather than the conventional pointer thing-ee.
see, if I’m going to have to talk about Happiness, I sure as heck would on my own terms.


6 thoughts on “Work Diary: delivering {on} Happiness on my own terms

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  2. Agree with kay cee. All we get are punctuality and medical cuts/query memos.Threat of warning letters.Delayed petrol claims, questions on expense claims.Stupid bosses and stupid HR Directors who talk about Talent, Human Asset, Development but don't walk the talk.

  3. That sounds like most typical organisations.Interestingly I attended PWC's CEO Survey Dialogue session yesterday and 1/3-rd of the panel holds the archaic view and where possible I think his organisation is still hiring 80% kaki-tangan and 20% sikit otak.:)It's a far way … and people should stop whinning about Gen-Y and blamming Gen-Y and the Millenias for everything … I meant to dwell into this for a long time … just no mojo at the moment.

  4. i cud use some happy right now at work :( the only motivation we get are circulars about punctuality, health costs (to cut down)… internal comms (or the lack of it) can irk one

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