random: a peek in the middle of the day

Two things I should be doing now;
Programming the Performance Management Form, built on excel with some basic formulas and macro functionality for the job I am currently paid to do.
Write a Business Plan, which has now been compromised to a watered-down version of a Business Proposal or at the very least
“Penny, just blardee pen down the blardee-y framework for me to meet the prospective investors / partners for the meeting scheduled on Thursday,”
so said my other partner in crime who also messaged me this this morning:
 “Got a message from b – she said FAN is way to go … Doh?”
OK. The first was after I had made it clear via a not so crypted message on Facebook that business school teaches none of us how to write a Business Plan. This, is such a misconceived idea by the general public. All business school equipped us with {other than the glorious 1-page embossed gold leaf certificate that used to triple one’s pay cheque in the 1980s} are:
  • how to get great booz free at joints with the ho{o}test girls
  • how to “kau tow” to the connected {powers may be}
  • how to use statistics to wipe out the annoying over-achieving, back stabbing peers / competitors at work
  • how to use econometrics gibberish to confuse your egoistical boss
  • how to drop legal jargon to impress / subtly threaten your Board
  • how to survive on chicken drummets, hash browns and whatever that’s on $0.29 – 0.99 special at the local grocer that requires only 3 minutes microwaving cook time
  • … and many, many more bizarre skills that would purportedly make us better intra-preneurs and industrial shakers of the future!

As for the 2nd, oh well, let’s keep it to {very} late adopter of ideas.

but…instead of doing ONE and/or TWO
I made myself a single shot cafe latte, hoping to perk myself up; caffeine shot and inject some warm – my “cave” is back to being extremely cold. Interesting. Given I had vacated the earlier “cave” that I somehow enjoyed more due to is isolated location. Sometimes there’s merit being right at the end of the corridor.
Earlier I took a quick sneak peek at Fast Company and read ‘The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies’. For someone who’s #TWO plan is web based and surrounds innovation and eco-system, I have to say I just don’t get >50% of the innovation and ideas. Some are downright obvious and perhaps with better coaching and funding did better than countless of others who were pioneers in the idea.
Oh well, no one said you got to have fresh, new, cutting edge ideas to make it.
Apple is all about copy cat.
Instagram openly says it’s all about being at Stanford, intern-ing with the right people and companies.
In short who they know, not so much what they know.
Interestingly, not all ‘purple cows’ make it. {ref: OMG! what’s that bald guy’s name??? Seth Godin – that’s it! Seth Godin.} 
I suppose it’s about taking something ordinary that has been well established, hence accepted, proven and marketable and squirting some ‘purple’ on yours to make yours stand out amongst the rest.
I definitely like the mocha version better – despite Brussels and Brugge killing my love for chocolates more than a decade ago – seriously, how can one have chocolate honey, chocolate beer, chocolate cheese – yes, CHEESE … yaw know the by product from milk, and chocolate whatever. I swear if I had the kind of money the oligarchs of the world did, I would have been sleeping on chocolate sheets and bathing in chocolate bath as well!
Now that lunch hour is over, I should be getting back to ONE … or at the very least attempt to start on TWO. There’s only a few hours left to the meeting. The meeting that will determine my not so distant future. One that may {hopefully … please. I pray} provides some economical stability without the corporate binds.


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